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Imagine you could influence the mood of your guests, right as they enter the door - with expertly created lighting, you can! Enticed, excited, relaxed? The power of color and light on human emotions is scientifically proven, and we can use it to set the perfect atmosphere for your event. This service is available as part of event planning, on its own or as an add on to your existing entertainment service.

This coverage is for at least a full room.  With design, color mixing, at least one planning session / creative call in advance, transportation & early setup included.

Different ways I can help you:
+ Lighting Designer - I act as this talent along with reserving me for All Day Coverage, Full Service Wedding Production, and Wedding Consulting only!

+ Architectural, Decorative Uplighting only - bring me in to create a consistent atmosphere and mood throughout your wedding day filled with color and all its possibilities! 

Call/Text Brian now @ (920) 318-3694 or click on the above graphic to check availability!

    Architectural, Decorative Uplighting:

 Dancefloor Lighting: