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  • "All together as one!" (Not in attendance)

    “Can’t make the wedding? Pre-record a short, heart-felt message to be played back during the dinner and share it with the entertainment in advance. Get a group of people aboard and make it a presentation.” - Brian Kelm

  • Guests:

    "If co-workers are not invited to your festivities cause of a tight guest count, be honest about the reason and move on." - Brian Kelm

  • Family:

    "Making your future in-laws a part of all your nuptial events is a fantastic idea.  Let them decide whether or not to take part!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Memorable trap experience!"

    "If you are a sportsman and love to hunt, choose to make shooting trap a part of your festivities!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Combine or separate parties"

    "Combine or do separate events and meet up as a group for the last couple hours." - Brian Kelm

  • Eco-friendly (Green):

    "Choose a local adventure together - miniature golf, scuba diving trip, bowling party or horseback riding!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Successful band collaboration!"

    "Do you want a favorite to perform during your reception? If they do their own material, limit to three upbeat songs so they are involved in your day yet do not cause guests to leave due to lack of familiarity with the songs." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cotton swab rescue!"

    “Use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to erase any mistakes without starting over completely.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Self-sufficient shines!"

    "Limit the use of a makeup artist by having all your bridesmaids apply their own foundation, blush, and save." - Brian Kelm

  • "Let your hair journey begin!"

    "Start your hairstyle journey six months before you walk down the aisle.  Take a few notes with your personal style, thoughts & image you want to convey." - Brian Kelm

  • "Touch it up!"

    "Think one month prior to your big day for touching up your hair highlights." - Brian Kelm

  • "Lips of perfection!"

    “Top your lip color with a layer of clear gloss. The shine will look amazing in photos.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Layering scent magic!"

    “Prolong your perfume's life by layering it with matching lotion.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Pull out all the stops!"

    "Think one month prior to your big day for touching up your hair highlights." - Brian Kelm

  • "Picture perfect!"

    "Use a tissue to clean up any left over lipstick or consider trying a lip pencil instead." - Brian Kelm

  • "Up for a hair adventure?"

    "Do something different with your hair.  If you normally wear it up, go with it down. Try curls - soft or large if you keep it straight much of the time." - Brian Kelm

  • Hairstyle:

    "Chat with your hairstylist months in advance to create your wedding day look & the necessary time to make it happen." - Brian Kelm

  • "Powder me gorgeous!"

    "Remove the 'greasy' look that may appear under your eyes, nose & chin with a translucent powder." - Brian Kelm

  • "Don't fight a good pampering!"

    "Pamper yourself by relaxing your muscles and pulling impurities from skin with a mud therapy session." - Brian Kelm

  • "Double-duty do!"

    "Can't decide on a hairstyle for your big day?  Have them all-up, down or halfway.  Switching styles after your ceremony & dinner." - Brian Kelm

  • Flowers:

    "REAL flowers in hair.  Nothing says natural like it!  Honor the season, highlight them, and create matching bouquets out of this!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Temporary artwork shade!"

    "A serious concealer from Dermablend or Covermark is needed to shield a tattoo. Apply as many layers as needed to hide the artwork." - Brian Kelm

  • "Ice it!"

    "Got a pimple to get rid of before your nuptials?  Reduce swelling by placing ice on it.  Use the power of blush & concealer to handle th rest." - Brian Kelm

  • "Go for consistency!"

    "Create your own nail style by polishing them in a color shade close to your skin tone." - Brian Kelm

  • "Tricks for your lips!"

    "Keep lipstick from rubbing off on your teeth by applying a little vaseline to them." - Brian Kelm

  • "Flowers & Headband"

    "Add flowers to a single headband or comb for a gorgeous enhancement!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Bold is better!"

    "Go bold with the color of your lipstick for a modern look and keep everything else subtle." - Brian Kelm

  • Beauty:

    "Ask your salon for complimentary materials and tips so your hair withstands windy and rainy weather!" - Brian Kelm

  • Hair mockup:

    "If you are looking to create a special hairstyle, it's best to do a hair mockup before wedding day!  Many stylists include this service as part of their fee to do your hair." - Brian Kelm

  • Hairstyle:

    "Create the look of great curves with the use of a large-barreled curling iron." - Brian Kelm

  • Philanthropy:

    "Leaning towards a new special day look?  Choose to donate your old air to Wigs for Kids ( or Locks of Love (!" - Brian Kelm

  • Hair:

    "Crank up your hairstyle look with a simple hairpin, classic headband or a live flower." - Brian Kelm

  • Beauty:

    "Before applying any makeup, face a window where natural light is at its best for the truest look of all." - Brian Kelm

  • Hair:

    "Hair not cooperating with you?  Try a smooth satin pillow case instead of the norm and see how it works." - Brian Kelm

  • "Tasty non-alcoholic options!"

    "Substitute grape juice (red or white) for wine to make a tasty non-alcoholic sangria. Or, mix tea with any kind of juice, add some lemon or orange slices, and you've got your own version of a Long Island Iced Tea." - Brian Kelm

  • "Heavy on the front, light on the backend!"

    "Choose to go food "heavy" for cocktail hour, dinner, and light on the back end during open dancing with little bites." - Brian Kelm

  • "Buy more local"

    "Extend buying local for your reception not only to your beer and food, but also to your wine and soda as well!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A specialized chalice!" (Signature Drink)

    "Your chose concoction deserves a unique container to be served in - like a jar!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Our signature is limited!" (Signature Drink)

    "If you are considering a custom concoction for your reception, limit to cocktail hour only or after a certain quantity has been consumed." - Brian Kelm

  • "We have reserves!" (Bar)

    "If you have a stationary bar and a mobile one to place wherever, knowing whether or not they both stock the same thing is important to keep in mind." - Brian Kelm

  • "Home brew batch!"

    “Do you home brew or know somebody who does?  Make a special batch specifically for guests to enjoy on your wedding day!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Coffee station convenience!

    "Setup a station that includes different flavors of joe, teas, and hot water.  Along with other seasonal beverages like lemonade, iced tea, and cider.  This frees up space on each dinner table and allows guests to serve themselves as they please!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Better to ask than not know!" (Venue food)

    "Find out what percentage of food is made over your guest count so everybody is well cared for!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Mmmm...cupcakes!" (Late night snacks)

    "Create the Packer 'G' (insert favorite sports team) out of individual cupcakes for a memory and photo nobody will ever forget!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Bring a new taste home!"

    "Have wine, beer or any local food specialty like crawfish out on display back home for all to try during your cocktail hour and reception." - Brian Kelm

  • "Nothing replaces family!" (Hors d'oeuvres)

    "Implement a family recipe of goodies for guests to try as part of your cocktail hour." - Brian Kelm

  • "We must dance all night!" (Beverages & dance floor)

    "Opt for plastic glasses or canned beer as when glass breaks it causes a major disruption on your dance floor." - Brian Kelm

  • "Annual food & beverage cost review"

    "At the top of every year is when most venues evaluate their menu and costs.  So if you do a food tasting, lick in your menu choices early." - Brian Kelm

  • "Spreading the spirits!" (Popularity & placement: self-serve)

    "If you have multiple taps that are mobile and a good portion of your guests drink beer, space them out - one in the bar and one near the dance floor for example!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Breathable is better!"

    "If you are choosing a dark color for your bridesmaid dresses, opt for chiffon as it's a more breathable fabric especially in warmer temperatures." - Brian Kelm

  • "Mix & match 'em!"

    "Mix up the dress styles for you & your bridesmaids.  Lots of variety exists with strapless, one-shoulder or v-necklines.  Only thing to keep consistent is the type of fabric used for all dresses." - Brian Kelm

  • "Your trusted ladies!"

    "Have no more than your mother & a close friend or Maid/Matron of Honor go with your dress shopping.  Too many varying opinions will never allow you to decide what gown is best for you." - Brian Kelm

  • Bridal Dress:

    "Use any extra fabric from alterations to create your Groom's tie, vest or hairpiece for yourself." - Brian Kelm

  • "A sparkly distinction!"

    "Add a sparkly belt to differentiate your Maid of Honor from the rest of your ladies." - Brian Kelm

  • Bridal Dress & Bouquet:

    "Use hem trimmings for the base handle of your bouquet." - Brian Kelm

  • "Free to choose!"

    "Pick a designer, color, length, and material for your bridesmaid dresses. Let your ladies create from there!" - Brian Kelm

  • "One or the other!"

    "Think elaborate dress or veil & not both.  Heavy beading or lots of detail on your dress and a simple veil or vice versa." - Brian Kelm

  • "We have a match!"

    "Make shopping for shoes & accessories easier on yourself by asking for a fabric swatch of your dress." - Brian Kelm

  • "Perfect combo!"

    "A strapless gown allows you the perfect opportunity to wear your hair down.  Try a beautiful looking pin to match & use to keep hair out of your face." - Brian Kelm

  • "Matching attire mastery!"

    "Keep your dress a mystery from your future hubby & still coordinate his attire by matching a tie to your color or accents & cuff links that complement the feel and style of your wedding." - Brian Kelm

  • Bridesmaid Dresses:

    "Have your Maid/Matron of Honor wear a full dress and bridesmaids wear short dresses for a subtle yet noticeable distinction." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cozy & comfy dress fun!"

    "When you go dress shopping, wear comfortable clothes & nice wears underneath as you will be in them all day.  Don't forget to bringing footwear in a height similar to what you will wear on your special day." - Brian Kelm

  • "Less is more!"

    "Before you start looking for your dress, keep in mind selection for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers.  If possible, get all dresses from one full-service shop so there is less running around and more anticipation for your wedding day!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Focus on your wears!"

    "Keep all the focus on your face & dress not your nails.  Paint them in a pale color and well maintained." - Brian Kelm

  • Bridesmaid Dresses:

    "Allow your ladies as much freedom as possible with their choice & only requirements are - exact color or in varying shades." - Brian Kelm

  • "Freedom to choose!"

    "Let your bridesmaids have lots of freedom with their dress choices.  Give them the swatch color, length, type of atmosphere you are looking to create & see what they choose!" - Brian Kelm

  • Your Dress:

    "Expect alterations to be made on your gown as most are not made-to-measure." - Brian Kelm

  • "Bring your fashion sense to life!"

    "Consider working with a designer & shop that will offer an illustration of your dress and how it will look on you." - Brian Kelm

  • "Be consumed by the possibilities!"

    "Make sure to check out Coco Myles online before making your dress purchase.  Lots of colors, styles & fabrics to choose from for the perfect look!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Complimenting your hubby's attire!"

    "Use material from your dress to create your new hubby's tie & handkerchiefs for the groomsmen." - Brian Kelm

  • "Initials for a lifetime!"

    "Have your 'new' initials and date embroidered inside your dress.  For your husband, if he owns his suit or tuxedo, have it placed in his jacket's lining." - Brian Kelm

  • "Free reign to beautiful!" (Eco-friendly)

    "Let your bridesmaids wear a dress they already own or encourage them to buy one that has already been worn." - Brian Kelm

  • "Extend your dollar's value!" (Eco-friendly)

    "If you are going to buy a NEW dress, find a designer who donates a portion of their profits to charity (i.e. Brides for Breast Cancer)." - Brian Kelm

  • "Colorful style!" (Eco-friendly)

    "Ask your Ladies to wear dresses they already own based on your palette colors & what they look best in!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Somethings are not worth it!"

    "If considering a pre-worn gown, make sure it isn't badly stained.  It may be impossible to remove the stain without discoloring the gown.  Check with a seamstress to make sure the stained area can be cut off without effecting look, style or drapes of the dress." - Brian Kelm

  • "Magical pocket silks!"

    "Match your pocket silks exactly to bridesmaid dress color by taking extra fabric and having it transformed!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Fashion fun!"

    "Use a pattern from your dress or fabric theme and have it present for each attendant in their own way - shawls, scarves, and knit clothes for example." - Brian Kelm

  • "Looking past wedding day bliss!"

    "Think ahead of your gown to wear it again & again - works well with non-white dresses!" - Brian Kelm

  • Dress:

    "How you will look in your dress is important.  Don't overlook how comfortable you will be and feel.  Test out by walking, lifting your arms, and moving around.  If anything appears uncomfortable, have the appropriate alterations made." - Brian Kelm

  • "Guys pep talk!"

    "Make sure to have a conversation with all your ushers and groomsmen to make sure you are all on the same page about their involvement, expectations, and how long you desire them staying at your wedding reception!"

  • "Honored guests hospitality!"

    "As a courtesy to all your honored guests - grandparents, parents, and wedding party, offer them an open bar tab during your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer:

    "Tradition says to have these two cuties involved yet are less prevalent today than in years past." - Brian Kelm

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer:

    "Have him/her make announcement about where you go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to see or cocktail hour beginning immediately at your reception venue." - Brian Kelm

  • "The more the merrier!"

    "Surprise all your bridesmaids with their very own matching garters!" - Brian Kelm

  • Bridesmaids:

    "The only thing bridesmaids should be obligated to pay for regarding your day is their attire.  Anything else is on you not them." - Brian Kelm

  • Bridesmaids:

    "Stick with tradition by having your bridesmaids dressed in either white or ivory with different styles." - Brian Kelm

  • "Clean smelling gifts!"

    “Looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift? Look no further than the perfect smell for your ladies with clean smelling candles!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Do it for them!"

    "Instead of bridal shower gifts, have guests donate to a specific cause in your honor." - Brian Kelm

  • Question #5:

    "After the show(s) are over, what is your action plan?" - Brian Kelm

  • Question #4:

    "Who are (2) people (no more) that you want to take with you?" - Brian Kelm

  • Question #3:

    "What professionals will you be looking to partner with at the show(s)?" - Brian Kelm

  • Question #2:

    "What are you looking to accomplish at the show(s)?" - Brian Kelm

  • Question #1:

    "Determine what show(s) you want to go to & why?" - Brian Kelm

  • "Different shade harmony!"

    “Have your bouquet stand out on its own by incorporating different shades of a single color.” - Brian Kelm

  • "One for you, you & you!"

    "Make your garter toss more involving with one for each groomsman to throw with you and have more winners!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Victory!"

    "For every small bouquet that flies through the air, attach drink tickets to each!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Bouquets-r-us!"

    "As a couple, throw your individual bouquets at the same time made up of your favorites like candy or plush footballs from your alma mater!" - Brian Kelm

  • "An exotic twist!"

    "Share a splash of the unexpected and more exotic items like a peacock feather or carved tin lantern in place of bouquets!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A blend of new and experienced!"

    “During dinner, recognize and present a bouquet to the longest married woman.  Do the same for a newly engaged couple so you share in both experiences - newest and longest!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Out-of-town superstars!"

    “After you cut and share your first piece of cake as husband and wife, have your longest traveled guests come forward to be awarded your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. pieces of cake for the distances they traveled to be with you on your wedding day!" - Brian Kelm

  • "What are you going to do with them?"

    "As a rule of thumb, have a plan in place for over 100 guests when it comes to your centerpieces. Whether it be a giveaway or generous donation to a hospital, paying them forward goes a long way in brightening other people's day!" - Brian Kelm

  • "I see you!"

    "Having shorter centerpieces will allow guests to mingle and chat without haltering their view and/or conversations." - Brian Kelm

  • Centerpieces:

    "Bring an element of your proposal to the centerpieces on each dinner table." - Brian Kelm
    Proposing in a hot air balloon

  • "Let's team up!"

    "Choose DIY centerpieces and fill them with your personalities by hitting up thrift stores, yard sales, and friends for items. Then invite your wedding party and parents over to help put them together." - Brian Kelm

  • "Your the lucky winner!"

    "Have a different mini-board game on each dinner table from Goodwill that goes to one lucky guest to take with them and play in honor of your special day!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Paper and can creativity!"

    "Chose DIY centerpieces and fill them with your personalities by hitting up thrift stores, yard sales, and friends for items. Then invite your wedding party and parents over to help put them together." - Brian Kelm

  • "Non-flower goodies...front and center!"

    "Instead of flowers, try on a gift basket centerpiece for each table filled with sample goodies like lotions, candles or homemade cookies, and give them away to one lucky person per table at the end of dinner." - Brian Kelm

  • Centerpieces:

    "Have bowling pins as your focal point for each dinner table." - Brian Kelm

  • "Homemade from the Earth!"

    "Replace your floral centerpieces with natural elements of our world - fruits and vegetables." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sensitive weather treatment!"

    "For cool weather centerpieces, use mums and dahlias. Enhance them by adding bittersweet berries or branches wrapped around a glass vase, urn or hurricane lamp." - Brian Kelm

  • "Floral fine-tuning!"

    "Replace blooms as your centerpieces with a candlescape on a mirror in the middle of each table." - Brian Kelm

  • "Guest seating efficiency!"

    "Save on centerpieces by putting 11-12 guests at each table vs 8-10 for example." - Brian Kelm

  • "Simple floral centerpiece!"

    "Want a simple floral centerpiece?  Choose one type of flower for each table with a bloom in a variety of containers of containers of all sizes and shapes." - Brian Kelm

  • "Three vase look!"

    "Three vases filled with colorful candy and a pink rose at the center of each table is fun, simple & playful." - Brian Kelm

  • "Statues and books!"

    "Do away with traditional floral centerpieces for statues and books you desire." - Brian Kelm

  • "Carving it up!" (Fall Theme)

    "For a Fall theme, choose pieces of wood with the personal name you chose for each dinner table." - Brian Kelm

  • "Loving words for your 1st Wedding Anniversary!"

    "On each of your guest ceremony chairs, have a card with ribbon and pencil for them to share a personal and loving message about you! Upon recessional, your ushers collect all cards that are then locked away in a box and not opened until your 1st Wedding Anniversary!"

  • "On way to the altar!"

    "During your ceremony, interact with close friends & relatives by having them each hand you a flower on your way to the altar.  In turn, have your florist or personal assistant make them into a full bouquet." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have your ushers ask guests to turn off cell phones to not interfere with wireless microphone communication as they are escorted to their seats." - Brian Kelm

  • "Create a bride's double entrance!"

    "If you have two important people in your life and want them both to walk you down the aisle, break up the distance leading to the altar giving each person their own time with you!" - Brian Kelm

  • "For a rural rustic feel..."

    "Take an old desk or table and repurpose it for your ceremony or use during your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • "Recessional self-expression!"

    "For your recessional, have your first song as husband & wife be a true self-expression - fun, witty & from the heart!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Tell us and we will follow!"

    “Have your officiant say what there is to do next if a little time exists in between the reception starting." - Brian Kelm

  • "A glimpse of your start!"

    "Have your officiant share with your audience when you started dating and what it looked like!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Your first kiss!"

    "Have it take place where your first kiss was." - Brian Kelm

  • "A sparkling recessional!"

    "Have your wedding party hand out sparklers (not lit yet) in the lobby for an amazing nuptial send-off!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Tiny details stand out!"

    "If you have a stage, groom walks down the aisle to meet you (bride) and your father on the ground floor.  Then, you as a couple walk on-stage together!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Honoring loved ones"

    "Have a personal assistant or another person walk down the aisle with a bouquet for someone close to you (like a parent) who has passed away and put them on a specific chair where they would've sat for your ceremony." - Brian Kelm

  • "Flats rule!"

    "Think flats so heels don't sink into the lawn." - Brian Kelm

  • "1-2 punch!"

    "Rent an indoor space in addition to your outdoor site so no matter the weather your nuptials are covered." - Brian Kelm

  • "Include your officiant!"

    "Do not forget a floral for your officiant unless they are not allowed to wear one." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sands Ceremony blend!"

    "Have your officiant involved in the sands ceremony with a specific color to blend." - Brian Kelm

  • "Written and singing magic!"

    "Have close friends read poems or sing an original song!" - Brian Kelm

  • "NEW rose petal name!"

    "Use your rose petals down the aisle to spell out your NEW last name!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Longest married couple spotlighted!"

    “After revealing the longest married couple in your audience, invite them to then cut a second slice of cake after your cake cutting ceremony!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Wedding party dance moves!"

    "Start the festivities early by having your wedding party share a dance move or two as they walk down the aisle after you are officially married!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Smaller wedding party processional!"

    "With a smaller bridal party, each couple walks completely down the aisle before the next one comes down." - Brian Kelm

  • "Yes...were newlyweds!"

    "Make your ceremony more intimate by facing the audience when exchanging your vows!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Spotlighted from the beginning!"

    "Consider walking down the aisle together with your soon-to-be husband so he can get some time to shine too." - Brian Kelm

  • "Pumpkins...let's do this!"

    "Carve out pumpkins as part of your Autumn/Fall rehearsal dinner & display what everybody came up with on each table as its centerpiece." - Brian Kelm

  • "Unexpected aisle elements!"

    "Consider having seashells, drift wood, rocks, tropical flowers or coconuts line your ceremony aisle." - Brian Kelm

  • "Keepsakes that stick with guests!"

    "Dress up your ceremony programs with quote engraved medallions which guests could use later as Christmas ornaments or bookmarks!" - Brian Kelm

  • Flower girl K-9!"

    "Have you beautiful dog or doggies be your flower girl(s)!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Out of sight with BFF!"

    "Bride stays put out of sight with her maid/matron of honor until the time comes!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Keep sunset in check!"

    "Planning a beach ceremony?  If so, the ideal time is late afternoon almost 1 1/2 - 2 hours before sunset." - Brian Kelm

  • "Be in the know!"

    "Have a person's number (personal assistant?) for all guests to call and find out any updated information.  Also, update your voicemail with special day plans!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Food colorup!"

    "Bring your color palette to even the choices you make for food." - Brian Kelm

  • "It's show time!"

    "Have ushers close doors to room where your service is taking place so no noise comes in from outside." - Brian Kelm

  • "Flower ball beauty!"

    "Instead of having aisle liner items on the ground, choose flower balls hanging from every other center-aisle chair." - Brian Kelm

  • "Your best man presents!"

    "At the end of your service, have your best man step out in front of aisle and present you as husband & wife." - Brian Kelm

  • "A special escort!"

    "Instead of having your husband walk down the aisle with the officiant or groomsmen, have him escort the mothers to their seats!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Wireless freedom!"

    "Have your officiant announce for guests to turn off wireless devices so they don't interfere with the wireless microphones being used." - Brian Kelm

  • "Ridin' to I Do!"

    "Do you have bicycles & love to ride?  If so, make them apart of your ceremony by either walking next to them or even better riding out on them after you are pronounced husband & wife." - Brian Kelm

  • "Mom matters dearly!"

    "From the altar, walk down the aisle to escort your mother to her seat." - Brian Kelm

  • "Look no further..."

    "Look no further than to your brothers or sisters to give a reading during your service." - Brian Kelm

  • "Need to be heard!"

    "Request a separate wired or wireless handheld (on a stand) / lavalier microphone so your vows are heard by guests or ask your officiant in advance if you could use theirs when the time comes." - Brian Kelm

  • "In the family!"

    "Have your uncle or grandfather officiate your service." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cool treats!"

    "To cool your guests down, serve yummy ice cream while they are being seated for your service!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Balanced seating"

    "Besides your immediate family, leave seating open for guests to fill evenly." - Brian Kelm

  • "Children...yes please!"

    "If you have a child or children, involve them in your mixing of sands ceremony with a vase of colored sand to blend of their own." - Brian Kelm

  • "Here you come!"

    "Guests can stay seated while you make your grand entrance!  No mention or motion is made by your officiant and is noted in your program and also by ushers when being seated." - Brian Kelm

  • "Son or daughter entrance!"

    "If you have a son or daughter, see if they want to walk you down the aisle & hand you off." - Brian Kelm

  • "Using your space effectively!"

    "Use the space to your advantage if a center aisle doesn't exist; have your attendants enter to the left side of the stage for the processional and leave during the recessional on the right side.  A creative twist!" - Brian Kelm

  • "United as one!"

    "Consider having a Unity Cross ( a part of your service.  Then, have it on display at your headtable for a dinner centerpiece!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Create the opportunity to unite everyone!"

    "Create the opportunity for your photographer to capture an image or two of you with all of your guests right after you say 'I Do.'" - Brian Kelm

  • "Time and places before"

    "If you choose to not see each other before your service, will there be bridesmaids & groomsmen photos beforehand?  Will each of you be in different rooms?  Separate hotels / locations?" - Brian Kelm

  • "A splash of family everywhere!"

    "Choose to have one usher from each of your families to make them feel special and deepen the sense of togetherness!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony & Groom:

    "Decide whether you want to walk down the aisle with your Parents or wait wil the Officiant up at the altar smiling & looking proud." - Brian Kelm

  • "Preserving your family history!"

    "Consider wearing your Mother or grandmother's dress to the 'night before your big day' festivities!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony & Officiant:

    "Have him/her make announcement about where to go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to see or Cocktail Hour beginning immediately at your Reception venue." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony & Officiant:

    "Have him/her make announcement about where to go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to see or Cocktail Hour beginning immediately at your Reception venue." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "If an aisle runner, leaves or petals are not allowed, attach small floral arrangements to the chairs closest to the aisle.  Alternate each row for a varied & artistic feel." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have your officiant mention at the beginning of your service for guests to turn off all devices so no issues take place with the wireless microphones used." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony & Reception:

    "Take an event from your service & bring back or expand upon during your Reception." - Brian Kelm

  • "Coloring your I Do's!" (Eco-friendly: Green)

    "At the end of your Recesional, have all guests throw ecofetti in two lines creating a tunnel for you to run through = an awesome photo!" - Brian Kelm

  • Rehearsal Dinner:

    "Go low-key with your menu & have a variety of tasty shishkabobs." - Brian Kelm

  • "Playing in nature!" (Outdoors: Bugs, sun & dehydration)

    "Bottles of water, bug repellent wipes, sunscreen, and paper parasols are essential for having nuptials hosted outdoors!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Nothing like bagpipes!"

    "If you are of Irish decent or love bagpipes, have them playing outside as guests depart your Ceremony for a classy & unique experience!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Where we came from!"

    "Combine sand from where you grew up (same location) with where you met." - Brian Kelm

  • "Singles & couples!" (Attendant order)

    "For your processional, come down the aisle as singles, go out for recessional as couples!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "For your recessional, have your wedding party line up across from each other for guests to interact with while walking between leading to you as husband & wife." - Brian Kelm

  • "Made for family!"

    "Exchange vows under a homemade pergula! Then repurpose this on your property as a token of your love for each other and possible play area for when you start a family!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A taste of history!"

    "Not a fan of the candle lighting or mixing of sands ceremonies? If so, take a piece of history about marriage or rings and have someone close to you share with all your family & friends." - Brian Kelm

  • "Smiles...before & after!"

    "Have your bridal party come down individually for the processional and leave with their associated attendant for the recessional." - Brian Kelm

  • "Mixing of Sands magic!"

    "Mixing of Sands - have each of your three vases initialed with the letter of our first names and that of your last name." - Brian Kelm

  • "Then & now!"

    "Unity Candle centerpiece - used at the church & set on the Head table for decoration at your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Add a deeper sense of personality & surprise by having your Best Man pronounce you husband and wife!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Make your ceremony truly yours!"

    “There are a lot of personalized things you can do with a purpose just for you – readings, poems, wedding history lessons, rose presentation, or love letter ceremony!  The more unique, personal, heartfelt, and emotional the better!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Romance, love, and comfort!" (Rehearsal evening: Outdoor movie night)

    "In a park equipped with family & friends munching on popcorn with blankets watching your love story projected on a screen - creating a simple, casual, and meaningful night for all!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Do we or not?"

    "A huge decision to make regarding your nuptials is whether or not you see each other before your service.  This answer will pave the way for planning of photos, timing & looking closer at how long you have your photographer reserved for!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have programs on seats for guests waiting instead of having Ushers handing them out.  This allows them to focus entirely on sharing a smile with each of your guests and escorting them to their seats." - Brian Kelm

  • "Fly away in peace!" (Dove release)

    "You can choose to release one, several or a whole flock of doves in beautiful cages adding to your decor." - Brian Kelm

  • "Precious time alone!" (Post-ceremony)

    "Take a few moments away on a solo ride alone to enjoy some champagne together as newlyweds." - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Instead of two guys as your Ushers, spice it up with one of your closest lady friends/family members!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Everybody loves a little teaser!"

    "Have little signs placed along the path to your service with playful short phrases or tidbits meant to get a laugh & smile!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "If you have readings given by family members from both sides, align them to one side prior to your service or have one come over to the designated side right before speaking." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cool me off!"

    "Create your program as a fan especially for a Summer outdoor Wedding!  In addition, attach a little baggie or pouch of rose petals for all guests to throw out as you walk down the aisle - AMAZING PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A Wisconsin tradition!" (Rehearsal dinner - Wisconsin fish fry)

    "Create and share a local favorite with your bridal party, parents, and family members!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Spelled out in petals!" (Aisle flowers)

    "Create an assortment of rose petals down your aisle spelling out your NEW last name!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Let's see you move!" (Processional: Attendants entrance)

    "Each bridesmaid and groomsman you choose gets their own aisle music!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Mom power!"

    "Mix up tradition & create a truly unique experience by having your mother's walk in together for the processional!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have your ceremony take place in a round space for more intimacy & closeness to guests." - Brian Kelm

  • "A mini wedding creation!" (Rehearsal dinner: special day mini-version)

    "Treat this experience like a mini-wedding reception with a completely different feel!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Summer sunshine nuptials!" (Outdoors & Planning)

    "Besides weather to consider, take a peak at the time of your service in the given month & where the sun will be to anticipate the temperature (noon vs 3pm) and necessary accommodations from venue for guests." (i.e. Farmer's Almanac is a good point of reference) - Brian Kelm

  • "Enhancing your entrance!"

    "Have a craftsman close to the family, make a set of white doors for you to walk through!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have all your guests line-up across from each other in a long row with a candle in hand to welcome the wedding party prior to your ceremony." - Brian Kelm

  • "Let 'em fly!"

    "Have all guests toss rose petals up in the air as you walk down the aisle as husband & wife!" - Brian Kelm

  • Rehearsal Dinner:

    "Place a cold washcloth to reduce puffiness of your eyes & apply face primer if you have too much fun at your rehearsal dinner." - Brian Kelm

  • "Ridin' in style!" (Miniature Bride & Groom)

    "Surprise everyone as your smaller & younger versions enter in on small bikes!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Have a group of people play handbells for your Ceremony Recessional." - Brian Kelm

  • Surprise Rehearsal Dinner:

    "Surprise rehearsal dinners are gaining momentum.  Enjoy every moment of the experience and acknowledge those who made it possible!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Painting your aisle with color!"

    “Line both sides of your aisle with a certain color petals.  Choose another color of petals to distinguish yoru flower girl's entrance!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Surprise your Father by walking down the aisle to his favorite song!" - Brian Kelm

  • Ceremony:

    "Walk down the aisle with your Father to a song that has special meaning from your childhood!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Joining in from both sides!" (Processional - No center aisle)

    "Come down as couples, smile at center, and then go left to stage - stand as couples together instead of bridesmaids & groomsmen.  Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man split to enter stage!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Picture perfect!" (Ceremony & Reception)

    "Integrate portraits of when your parents married for all guests to see at the altar of your ceremony & near the head table of your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • 2 entrances, 1 magical ceremony - Bride's ceremony entrance:

    "Walk in by yourself and then meet your parents at some point.  Then, walk the rest of the way with them by your side to the altar!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Keep 'em guessing!"

    "If the space and opportunity presents itself, you (as the Bride) enter from a direction not thought of by your audience...surprising them to begin your service!!!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Keep seating simple!"

    "Limit assigned seating to parents and immediate family then leave the rest open to all your guests." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sing to us!"

    "Provide song sheets for guests to sing to you during your service!" - Brian Kelm

  • "To see or not to see?"

    "Will you be seeing each other before your service?  If not, decide on where each of you & your Wedding party will get ready." - Brian Kelm

  • "Keep 'em guessing!"

    "For a fun & unique processional with a large bridal party, change up the order by having half of your ladies escorted in by one guy each and the remaining half come in as couples - 1 bridesmaid & 1 groomsman." - Brian Kelm

  • "Show off the nature in you!" (Outdoors)

    "instead of Lighting a Unity Candle or Mixing of Sands, consider watering a tree together for a personal feel & then plant the tree on your residence/property!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Kickball for everyone!" (Rehearsal Dinner - kickball and grilling out)

    "Bring a laid-back, chill, and relaxing feel to the night before with an old fashion game of kickball and some yummy tastes on the grill!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Stars are spotlighted!" (Outdoors)

    "Have a little platform setup at the altar for you as a couple and your officiant." - Brian Kelm

  • "Nothing beats organization!" (Outdoors)

    "Have a sign made up directing guests to the space where you will say 'I Do' and become a married couple!!!" - Brian Kelm

  • "That's all us!" (Recessional)

    "Have fun with this experience as you turn and face your audience.  Guests smile, add a surprise or two, and dance on the way out of your service!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Let your love's artistry shine!" (Theater / performing arts center)

    "Your wedding is a piece of artistry.  let that be undeniable with your ceremony in a theater or performing arts center!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Kids wedding party!"

    "After your dinner, how about having the kids go off to a surprise party of their own!  Have a babysitter in a separate room of the venue with a TV, movies, and games to keep them occupied just like their parents at the same time!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "Do not make the mistake of overlooking the significance and purpose of having fun things for your guests to do prior to you arriving at your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sharing your prized possessions!"

    “Are you memorabilia collectors? If so, have your collection on display for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour! Mix this with music selections to match the atmosphere you want to create.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Musically remastered beauties!"

    "Add a little twist & fresh sound to your Cocktail & Dinner hour selections by going with classics remade by a different artist." - Brian Kelm
       Ex. "L-O-V-E" by Joss Stone opposed to Nat King Cole

  • "Quilting together!"

    "Have guests sign or leave a personal message to you on a quilting square that will in-turn be made into a quilt!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Typing a memorable smile!" (Well wishes)

    "Encourage your guests to share memories by placing a vintage typewriter on your welcome table." - Brian Kelm

  • "Guest warmup!"

    "Plan on having some sort of ice breaker activity to connect guests during your cocktail hour." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sample away!"

    "Have the varieties of cheese or other goodies that guests get to choose from labeled for easy sampling." - Brian Kelm

  • "I Love You because..."

    “Create ‘I Love You because…' cards as a way for guests to interact with and share a heartfelt message during your cocktail hour or dinner kissing activity.  These messages can then be added to a time capsule for you to read on your first anniversary!”

  • "Coloring our world!" (Caricatures)

    "Display all your audience's colorings of you on a board or backdrop for all to see!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A little snack for all!" (Hors d'oeuvres)

    "A good number to run with for each guest is (3) servings for a standard cocktail hour.  The objective is to run out so there are no left overs." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "Have a blank journal book passed around for guests to interact with by writing their fondest memory of you - together or individually." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "Have sheets of random facts about you as bride & groom handed out for guests to matchup .  Person with most correct gets recognized by newlyweds & possibly with a piece of cake/dessert." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity prizes:

    "Have small prizes like cool cups, bouncy balls & glow sticks for kids participating in bean bag toss fun!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "Bring in a juggler and/or magician to enhance guest interaction." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "If your venue offers bowling, bocce or any type of gaming, make this your fun & enjoyment before dinner!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Let your goodies go further!" (Hors d'oeuvres)

    "Butlered appetizers last longer as they are not self-serve and brings a sense of class to the experience!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Activity Stations!"

    "To keep movement, interest, and the fun flowing for guests - setup different activity stations - scrapbooking, games, wishing tree, etc." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity (Adults):

    "Mention novel, interesting or thought-provoking things about guests in audience to consider while chatting & interacting." - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity (Children):

    "Keep the little ones occupied by having a space for bean bags, putting green, and play a round or two of musical chairs with small prizes for each kid." - Brian Kelm

  • "Your musical twist!" (Cocktail Hour & Dinner)

    "Consider having a custom blend of musical selections specific to Cocktail Hour & an entirely new feel & mood for your Dinner." - Brian Kelm

  • "It's your turn!"

    "For anything involving guests participation, have someone attending to it for maximum impact!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Simple & sweet!"

    "To keep guests occupied until you arrive, can be as simple as sharing a slideshow of images or video playing with homemade clips from your engagement!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A nautical learning experience!" (Tie a sailor's knot)

    "For your nautical themed wedding, extend this by having someone teach your guests how to tie a sailor's knot and get to practice themselves!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Team effort!" (Puzzle of us)

    "Take a favorite engagement photo & have it made into a 25-50 piece puzzle for guests to put together during cocktail hour."  - Brian Kelm

  • "Heart full of keepsakes!"

    "Create a 'Wishes from the Heart' event with heart cutouts in your colors for guests to write messages and put on a young tree to be planted.  Hearts are then preserved as keepsakes and read at a later time - 1st Anniversary!!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Creating masterpieces!" (Kids)

    "Create a coloring contest for all young guests!  Each kid wins based on specific categories made up by you!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Our love is shared worldwide!"

    "Have a map or globe on display for guests to sign & leave a message on from where they live!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cocktail Hour Activity:

    "Have multiple matte prints for guests to interact with and of people related to various areas of your life - where you went to college & organizations that are important to you." - Brian Kelm

  • "Give me color!" (Color wall)

    "Take a vacant wall of your reception space and transform it into a color wall (in your colors) with LED fixtures and a photographer to shoot portraits of all your family & friends!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Have fun coloring us!"

    "For kids & adults a like, have photocopies of your caricature out for guests to color.  Eventually, they are collected & the best ones win a small prize or are recognized during dinner!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Yummiest to be served first!" (Hors 'deouvres)

    "Choose to have your most substantial item served first and remaining snacks to follow." - Brian Kelm

  • "You see us everywhere!" (Person drink coasters)

    "Convert wallet photos of you into coasters that can be punched for 2-3 complimentary drinks." - Brian Kelm

  • "Your last name masterpiece!"

    “If you are crafty with wood projects, make a large letter of your last name and paint in your primary wedding color!  Have guests share with you a special message, frame it, and put on a wall for you to look at forever!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Keep 'em guessing and surprised!" (Champagne Toast)

    "Have your formal champagne toast during cocktail hour instead of dinner time so guests can focus on what is being said by all sharing." - Brian Kelm

  • "Getting goofy and having fun!" (Backdrop cutouts of you)

    "Have a simple pipe and drape backdrop with cardboard cutouts of you and some props for guests to interact with and enhance the experience!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Light it up!"

    "Consider having different shades of your colors (blue for instance) on display throughout your cocktail hour and dinner!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Photo Booth energy!"

    "Select a photo booth for your Cocktail Hour to raise the energy, interact with guests & create the fun for the rest of the evening." - Brian Kelm

  • "Wahoo...bean bags!" (Cocktail Hour Activity & Personal Touches)

    "Have custom bean bag (corn hole) boards made up with your photo decals on them.  Guests then sign them and you preserve as a keepsake!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Caricature artistry!"

    "Have a caricature artist on-hand during cocktail hour to interact with and draw guest pictures." - Brian Kelm

  • "Create a family quilt!"

    “Have each of your guests bring a favorite fabric square to your reception. These squares will then be made into a family quilt This will engage your audience before your wedding day and be with you throughout your marriage forever!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Pace yourself!" (Hard alcohol consumption)

    "Limit complementary servings to (2) per guest via drink tickets." - Brian Kelm

  • "I wanna play!"

    "Have multiple opportunities going on inside & outside of your summer reception venue keeping guests of all ages involved and engaged!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Assistance is here!" (Cocktail Hour Activity)

    "For any activities planned to involve your guests until you arrive & dinner begins, have at least (1) attendant for each game being played." - Brian Kelm

  • "Birthday calendar fun!"

    “During your cocktail hour, have a calendar on hand for guests to write their name on their birthdate to keep in touch after your wedding experience!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Being a skilled craftsman!" (Bean bag board maker)

    "If you are a wood worker, consider using your skills to create custom boards!  Personalize with carved initials, engagement photo stickers, and paint them in your wedding colors.  Complete the experience by having guests sign or leave messages on them!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Write it in stone!" (Cocktail Hour Activity)

    "Guests interact with flat stones sharing marital advice & notes to you on them." - Brian Kelm

  • "Spring looking wears!"

    "For a spring palette, go for turquoise & either silver, cherry, chartreuse or navy based on your personalities." - Brian Kelm

  • Hunting palette:

    "Choose a brown suit with a tie of each color in the palette for all of your groomsmen - green, brown, gray, etc." - Brian Kelm

  • Colors:

    "Choose the colors - Coral & Cocoa for a warm & woodsy alternative to Forest Green and Brown." - Brian Kelm

  • "Let color tell your story!" (Color infusion)

    "Achieve a beautiful palette by using contrasting or complementary colors!" - Brian Kelm

  • Colors:

    "If you have multiple colors involved, have all dresses be the same color & all the bouquets for your bridesmaids be a different color." - Brian Kelm

  • Dress Colors:

    "Have the sash fabric and bow around your dress match the color of what your bridesmaids will be wearing." - Brian Kelm

  • "Color scheme inspiration!"

    "If you are open to choosing your wedding colors, use your reception venue for inspiration with its design, beauty, and architecture for the perfect color combo!" - Brian Kelm

  • Reception:

    "Have a backdrop created with colored fabrics (in your palette colors) behind your sweethearts table to draw & keep attention on you!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Photos of people close to you!"

    "Draw inspiration from wedding photos of family and friend nuptials." - Brian Kelm

  • "Time and effort!"

    "It is impossible for any professional partner to create a truly amazing experience if they don't spend the time & effort to get to know lots about you." - Brian Kelm

  • Guests:

    "Guests that are entertained and surprised end up staying at your reception." - Brian Kelm

  • "Creating a blank canvas for you!"

    "Developing trust, working with an entertainer who gets you to think and creates a space for you to share your love story is one who truly cares and wants the best for you." - Brian Kelm

  • "True customization"

    "True customization is from a place of nothing (no assumptions) and a blank piece of paper." - Brian Kelm

  • "Creating from a blank canvas!"

    "Developing trust, working with an entertainer who gets you to think and creates a space for you to share your love story is one who truly cares and wants the best for you." - Brian Kelm

  • "With the RIGHT entertainment professional..."

    "With the RIGHT entertainment professional anything can be successfully pulled off on your special day." - Brian Kelm

  • Dinner Tables:

    "Have rose petals in red, pink & white with different words on them like 'Love', 'Celebrate' & 'Cherish.'" - Brian Kelm

  • "Subtle creativity!" (Sweethearts Tables)

    "For your sweetheart tables, choose to have a different colored overlay on each creating a tasteful difference!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Re-purpose and make a difference!"

    "Use aisle decorations for your dinner tables, rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch!  Every time you do this, it saves money & resources!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Simple chair enhancements!"

    "Dress up the back of your chairs with inexpensive shawls that guests in turn take home as party favors." - Brian Kelm

  • "Bonuses are blessings in disguise!"

    "Having no event at your venue the day before your wedding is a huge bonus as then you can get all your decorating done!"  - Brian Kelm

  • "Repurposed home beauty!"

    "Consider glass blooms as decorations for your wedding.  They will last a lifetime & can be used to decorate your home." - Brian Kelm

  • "Put green in it!"

    "Besides flowers, offer a variety of live plants and recycled natural and reusable containers." - Brian Kelm

  • Dinner Tables:

    "Looking at table runners?  Personalize each one by having a family member or friend make them with different designs, in your colors, motif or monogram." - Brian Kelm

  • Dinner Tables:

    "Have a solid color overlay on each table with a good contrast colored runner going through the center." - Brian Kelm

    - Chocolate Brown & White or Vanilla

  • Dinner Tables:

    "Colored leaves with your names on them used to fill in space on tables and are keepsakes to guests.  Add cinnamon and apple candles for an autumn/fall aroma." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cake Topper alternatives!"

    "Look past any sort of cake topper for Lego figurines, game pieces or favorite toys." - Brian Kelm

  • "Time of year and season!"

    "Think of the season when designing your cake.  Try maple leaves for your Fall festivities or parasols and pinwheels for your colorful summer nuptials." - Brian Kelm

  • "A sweetooth match!"

    "Make your decision of baker on their style, flavors, creativity & how they make you feel.  Setup a tasting three-four months before to ensure you are happy, comfortable & trusting of your choice." - Brian Kelm

  • "Time for deliciousness!"

    "Cue for cake to be served - before a certain toast to spotlight them!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Decorated with personality!"

    "Open up your personalities on your cake by having it decorated with your favorite treats - M&Ms, cookies, gummy bears, etc." - Brian Kelm

  • "Gourmet cookie fun!"

    “Have fun pairing gourmet cookies with exotic ice cream flavors for your wedding dessert!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cake:

    "Give each layer / tier of your cake a different shape for an innovative and contemporary look." - Brian Kelm

  • "Dress-inspired!"

    "Dress up your cake with a fabric-themed design - pleats or floral pattern!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Favorite place sweet-tooth!"

    "Honor a place that you love with a special cake inspired by it." - Brian Kelm

  • "Let the spirits flow!"

    "Create a delicious rum-spiked or pink champagne flavored cake for everyone to enjoy!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cake:

    "Have each layer / tier of your dessert be a different flavor in its own color." - Brian Kelm

  • "Pie heaven!"

    "Not a fan of cake?  Consider serving a variety of flavored pies to match your taste buds and complement the season of your nuptials!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A second sweetooth choice!"

    "Think past cake and have another sweetooth option to decrease the size of cake necessary." - Brian Kelm

  • "Yummi-ness filled poppers!"

    "Try on something new like cheesecake pops to complete your wedding meal!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Make your own rules!"

    "No tiers to your cake design.  Go with small, simple cakes for a casual alternative feel.  Surprise guests by having each one be a different flavor and a sole bloom on each." - Brian Kelm

  • Cake:

    "Save the extra design dollars for a simple look or design previously done by your baker." - Brian Kelm

  • "Cute little morsels!"

    "Have your cupcakes decorated with a simple tuxedo, dress or flower design for a sweet look!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Tiered pies!"

    "Have tiered-cake stands filled with a variety of pies - Blueberry, Apple, Peach, etc." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sweetooth sing-a-long!"

    "Have your guests gather around to sing a familiar love song or two as you share your dessert with each other!  By being popular, it will eliminate the need for lyric sheets or cards!" - Brian Kelm

  • Dessert:

    "Have your yummy sweet tooth selection set on a table for guests to serve themselves.  This will speed up dinner a bit & allow more time for dancing!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Palette-styled cupcakes!"

    "Add some personality to your cupcakes by having a monogrammed fondant water disc alternating in your palette colors on each serving of yummy goodness." - Brian Kelm

  • Cheesecake:

    "Have various flavored cheesecakes on a table for guests to try and serve themselves." - Brian Kelm

  • "Homemade goodness!"

    "Nothing can beat the timeliness, taste & quality of homemade cooking.  Your cake & the cutting of it is about sharing the experience & not showing it off." - Brian Kelm

  • Cupcakes:

    "Like yummy cupcakes?  If so, consider having them be self-serve to all of your guests.  This will speed up dinner a bit and allow more time for dancing." - Brian Kelm

  • "Sweetooth creativity!"

    "With your yummy goodness, create your Wedding date or just the day; monogram out of your display." - Brian Kelm

  • "Make a sweetooth statement!"

    "The dimensions & shape of your cake can save you money and make a design statement.  Shake up the traditional round look with oval, square, rectangle or even have each layer be a different shape." - Brian Kelm

  • "It's your turn!" (Cake & Family Tradition)

    "While your cake is on display for all to see, have it share the spotlight with jewelry or a topper that has been passed down through generations to you!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Dance floor hospitality!"

    "Keep your dancefloor packed by having deserts butler-passed so guests never have to leave." - Brian Kelm

  • Cake Cutting:

    "Have your wedding party act as the backdrop for your photos and then share in the experience by lining up across from their partner passing a little morsel of cake."

  • "Cupcake dessert fun!"

    "Do a cupcake pass with your wedding party and parents lined up across from each other having fun with your audience.  This initiates your desert portion of dinner & transitions well into your video presentation." - Brian Kelm

  • Groom's Cake:

    "Let the groom's personality and interests shine with a cake all his own.  Whether it be golf, baseball or ski-diving, a yummy creation can be generated for you and served during your rehearsal dinner." - Brian Kelm

  • "Personal and earthly all in one!" (Earthly cake style)

    "Want an earthly touch to your cake? Complete this by having your cake rest on a custom/handmade wood base. Personalize even further by having a family member or friend create it for you!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Intimate and personal!" (Cake Cutting)

    "Choose to cut a small cake as a couple up at your head table just before dinner begins." - Brian Kelm

  • "Goodies are everywhere!" (Dessert tables)

    "Have an assortment of goodies out for guests to choose from and taste.  By spreading them out around your venue, it allows guests to interact and use your whole space!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cake Cutting:

    "Wedding party lines up across from their partner & does a pass of cake to each other." - Brian Kelm

  • "It all goes!" (Desserts & late night snacks)

    "Have any remaining desserts or late night snacks boxed up for guests to take with them after your reception is complete!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Elegance & classy all wrapped into one!" (Cake ribbon)

    "Create elegance & classy by wrapping each tier of your cake with colored ribbon." - Brian Kelm

  • "Buttercream, spice & everything nice!" (Fall/Autumn Theme)

    "Have a spice cake with local Wisconsin maple, pumpkin or caramel buttercream!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Community of deliciousness!" (Family only)

    "All pastries and favorites are made by relatives from recipes carried over many generations!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Mmmm...Cinnabons!"

    "Do you love icing and yummy cinnamon rolls?  Try on a large one for you to cut as a couple and mini-bons for all guests to enjoy!" - Brian Kelm

  • Cake:

    "Try on unusual cake combinations for a surprise in every bite or layer with raspberry buttercream on top." - Brian Kelm

  • "Yumminess...front and center!" (Staging)

    "Instead of having your 'sweet-tooth masterpiece' off to the side, have it as part of the focal point on a small little table elevated right in front of your head table for all to see!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A spin on tradition!" (Cake Cutting Ceremony)

    "Cut a great big jumbo-size cupcake and have your wedding party lined-up across from their partner feeding each other a morsel of their own smaller version.  Then on your 1st Anniversary, cut and share a replica of what you had on your special day." - Brian Kelm

  • "Choices, choices, choices!" (Self-serve flavors)

    "Staff members put cake in variety of flavors on table for guests to choose and serve themselves!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Good 'ole campfire treat!" (Smores bar)

    "Create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere campfire classic!  Just imagine the fun and re-living childhood memories in making a yummy treat later during your reception!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Bring your experience forward!"

    "Bring elements of your destination wedding locale back for implementing at your reception like video, photos, music, guest souvenirs, and dance moves to share with your guests!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Square plate dinner fun!"

    “Surprise your guests with one entree for a square tasting plate of four dishes in small portions.” - Brian Kelm

  • "3 Unusual ways to seat guests!"

    1. Feasting tables - Instead of standard rounds, opt for very long tables. This will give your reception a relaxed feel.

    2. Mixed Seating - Go informal by creating lots of different groupings with smaller tables and communal ones to seat more!

    3. Rectangular tables arranged in a plus sign - Arrange four tables together to bring large groups of people talking together! As a focal point, either have your sweetheart's table or a large floral arrangement where all the tables come together!

  • Table Identity:

    "Aim to have a photo of you apart of every centerpiece working together with your hobbies, interests & personalities." 

  • "Selfless help!"

    "If you, a member of your family or close friend in your bridal party has suffered from illness - raise money for their organization & smooch at the same time!"

  • "Distinguishing your guests!"

    "Create a dinner table distinction among your honored and general guests by the shape of table for them or reverse the color contrast of their linen so it stands out!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Cue for wonderful toasts!"

    "Are salads dropped early?  Have your blessing before your first round of toasts so staff can serve and guests have something to eat."

  • "Guests dinner seating fun!"

    "If you are a math teacher or love numbers, have a little fun with your guests by creating a simple problem for each table and the answer is their table number for dinner!" - Brian Kelm

  • Kids only area! (Kid's buffet)

    "If you are having kids a part of your reception, choose a buffet for their dinner option!  You can then create specific seating for them so the staff knows.  This style gives them something to do and makes them feel extra special!" - Brian Kelm

  • "All together now!"

    “Form a human pyramid!  Have guests work together in creating the perfect pyramid for you to plant one on each other!  Memorable, unique, and an interactive event that nobody will ever forget!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Engagement look for wedding day!"

    "Retake a favorite engagement photo in your wedding attire!" - Brian Kelm

  • "One isn't enough!"

    "If you have two locations in mind that speak to your personalities and can't decide on - DO BOTH and make your photo shoot that much more amazing about who you are as a couple!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Put your dibs on food!"

    “If you are choosing to have and invest in favors for all your guests, the best ones to have are edible! Something to eat!” - Brian Kelm

  • "A glowing First Dance!"

    “Share your First Dance with all your guests surrounding the dancefloor holding candles!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Lit up with love!"

    “Have all your guests including wedding attendants and parents arranged in a circle each holding a candle while your dancing together for the first time as husband and wife!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Making your bridesmaid gifts personal!"

    "Have your ladies individual birthstone tied around each of their bouquets!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Simple style!"

    “Surprise your bridesmaids and add a bit more style to their bouquets by adding a monogrammed bouquet ribbon to each of them! It's simple, personalized, and makes them feel that much more special!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Favorite flower family!"

    “If your grandparents or parents have a garden with your favorite flowers, cultivate them as flowers for your bouquet. If one of them have moved onto heaven, this will be a way of remembering them.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Bouquet mini-me!"

    "Choose a mini-version of your bouquet for a flower girl look alike!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A subtle shade different!"

    "Show a noticeable point of distinction between the flower color of your guests of honor - grandparents & parents (light pink) and your wedding attendants (fuschia) if your primary color is pink!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Grand March dance-off!"

    "Leave it up to a dance-off for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to determine their Grand March music introductions!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Dictionary word art!"

    “Have your guests pick a word in a dictionary that stands out to them about your relationship and leave a personal message to you!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Wedding party seating fun!"

    "Mix up your head table orchestration with husbands and/or wives included or alternate bridesmaids & groomsmen to create a deeper sense of relatedness and energy!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Ceremony time certainty!"

    "The start time of your nuptials can be elusive and point to many things.  Put two times on your invitations - prelude and begin time so no misunderstanding exists." - Brian Kelm

  • "Express yourself colorfully!"

    "Why settle on one color and style of invitaiton when you can have several different looks!  Keep the layout and content the same, just have it printed on different colored paper that you enjoy!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Ring and birthstone together!"

    "Invoke your birthstone or that of your loved into the design of your rings! Or choose the color to match your eyes."

  • "Late night yumminess!"

    “Stagger the presentation of late night snacks a little at a time!  For instance, a couple pizzas at a time to maintain freshness and how hungry your guests are!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Lighting your desired atmosphere!"

    “To create a romantic ambiance, use low-wattage incandescent bulbs. Bright lights wouldn't give you the desired feel!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Special helping hands!"

    "Besides having different dresses than your bridesmaids, corsages, sashes, or flowers in their hair are simple ways for them to stand out!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Help is on it's way!"

    "Enroll your appointed helpers in getting your bridal shower invites mailed and out on time!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Show off who you truly are!"

    "Show your playful side by adding color in unexpected places - your shoes, gloves, and jewels." - Brian Kelm

  • "The hometown connection!"

    "Include things you love from your home city or cities. To show it off and support our favorite local businesses." - Brian Kelm

  • "A smiley Thank You!"

    "Throughout dinner, have your photographer take photos of couples and families by table.  Then use these photos, print out, and send with your personalized thank you card to each guest!" - Brian Kelm

  • "A cardinal sin of wedding planning!"

    "Think 60 minutes or less from the time in between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of your cocktail hour.  If not, guests will become restless and bored.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Know for sure!"

    "Find out who is in charge at your wedding reception. It's not always the person you meet with." - Brian Kelm

  • "On vacation to get married!"

    "No matter how hard working you are, give yourself a break and take off the whole week of work leading up to your wedding day! You will feel less stressed, worried, and be well-rested by doing this!"

  • "A groom's expectations!"

    "Every groom has them, they just may be hidden. Especially if the discussion isn't things that are of interest to him or know much about. You give me a groom that is smiling, trusting, engaged, and starts to see his unique personality respected and brought forward...and I will give a future married man that is transformed to think different about his wedding with passion, energy, and purpose that he is important too!"

  • "Appoint a gift crew!"

    "Create a small group of ushers, personal assistants or other family members to transport all your gifts back to you the day after you are married! By arranging this in advance, it will be seamless when the time comes!"

  • "They say it's your birthday!"

    "Have your wedding on your birthday!  Never to be forgotten as the best and most memorable birthday ever!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Renovation awareness!"

    "Ask if any venue renovations are planned before your wedding that may interfere with color and design choices." - Brian Kelm

  • "Commit your time with others!"

    “Make it a commitment to connect with every single person at your wedding! The earlier in the day the better, so it doesn't linger and then you feel obligated!” - Brian Kelm

  • "A true holiday surprise!"

    “Take a couple extra photos on your wedding day specifically for the face or insert of your Thanksgiving / Christmas card! Or burn a slideshow of images on disc set to music done by your photographer as a gift to all your family members!" - Brian Kelm

  • "The ever-lasting impression of your reception!"

    “Can’t make the wedding? Pre-record a short, heart-felt message to be played back during the dinner and share it with the entertainment in advance. Get a group of people aboard and make it a presentation.” - Brian Kelm

  • "Fun hashtag creation!"

    “Generate a special hashtag for all your wedding related photos to be easily used and shared on social media.” - Brian Kelm

  • "No football worries!"

    “Choose your wedding date based on season or when no football." - Brian Kelm

  • "Early and later!"

    “Show all of your guests' smiley faces together early on with a group photo and another one after the Last Dance to complete your reception!” - Brian Kelm

  • "All guys united!"

    "Have all groomsmen sign a plush football of your favorite team or one you played for in college.  A memorable keepsake to whoever catches it!" - Brian Kelm

  • "Staircase send-off!"

    “If you have a staircase, outfit it with colored pillows, lanterns, and rose petals before you come down for your grand exit!.” - Brian Kelm

  • "One master toast!"

    “Have one master toast given by you, the newly married couple that speaks to all of your family & friends!” - Brian Kelm

  • "Where should I stand?"

    “Where should I stand?  This is a popular question among father's giving their toast.  In terms of staging, so all guests can see you the best place is stage left or right of the head table so nobody is looking at the back of your head.  Pick the side that matches if you are the Father of the Bride or Groom and have the microphone passed to you if not the first person and the show is all yours to share a fun, heartfelt, and compelling message!” - Brian Kelm

  • "One for all!"

    “Have no other toast besides a big one that you share and give to your audience!  Simple, heartfelt, and moving to your family & friends!” - Brian Kelm

  • "A broach tradition!"

    “Have your grandmother's pearl broach applied to the ribbons of your rose bouquet.” - Brian Kelm

Eric & Angelic:
"I just want to thank you again for everything you did for us and for making our day one to truly remember. I've heard so many people say it was literally the best wedding they'd ever attended, and I feel the same way. I'm so glad we had you there to keep it so fun and upbeat, and for keeping everybody dancing. Was truly an amazing day!" - Eau Claire, WI