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  • + Will my wedding receive personal attention?

    Your wedding will receive loads of personal attention! I value the quality of business that I do over the quantity of business I do. You will see this in the attention to detail, the personal connection I value and in my listening to create YOUR wedding, not just a cookie cutter service. Each connection and each event is meaningful to me, and that's why I am there to serve before, during, and even after your event!

  • + Do you want to reserve a DJ or Master of Ceremonies & Entertainer?

    A disc jockey (DJ) illustrates a stereotype of a guy with some gear, sitting behind a booth, and JUST playing music. All clients that we come in contact with, want MORE that just music. If a DJ makes announcements, interacts with the crowd, plays games, etc. they are doing more than being a DJ. Quite frankly, an event needs ENTERTAINMENT and that involves more than just playing music. Creating an atmosphere, making the event fun, enjoyable, and memorable are qualities of an MC/Entertainer not a DJ. Due to the amount of time spent planning, organizing, and coordinating an event, an entertainer will charge 2x-3x that of a DJ. The entertainer of your celebration is the most vocal, visible, and accessible representation to you and your guests. Determine what your celebration calls for so you know what type of talent to reserve!

  • + Do you use legal music?

    YES! With advancements in technology and computers, taking music off the internet via mp3 format without paying for it and burning onto a CD is easier than ever. In mobile entertainment, this type of activity is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL! Abiding by professional standards and ethics is important in this business and to my clients. Any entertainer stealing music via the internet, not paying for the original copy, and charging for their services is cheating themselves and their clients! I use all LEGAL music that has been paid for, licensed, and insured. Keep this in mind when reserving your entertainment!

  • + Do you use reliable, professional-grade equipment?

    YES! I need reliable gear to conduct my performances, but if I wasn't properly trained the gear used means nothing to you and your guests! Throughout my career in entertainment, I've never had a client say, "unless you're using ... brand of equipment you can't perform at my event." I've seen plenty of entertainers with the best gear available and no personality or skill. Vice-versa, I've seen entertainers with less professional equipment and an outstanding performance! Anybody can go out and buy equipment, but it takes pure talent, skill, and ability to operate it effectively!

  • + Why are planning sessions important to you?

    These meetings are designed to address your questions, comments, and concerns regarding your special event. Just as the choice of ingredients for a cake help determine the finished product, planning sessions will help determine the outcome of your event. They are especially important for wedding receptions! We'll address the proper planning, coordination, and organization for your event. They allow me to become familiar with your expectations and desires.

  • + Does quality and service matter to me most or does lower price?

    I can help you create, plan, and produce a great event so everybody is happy, excited, and comfortable! I offer high quality performances, a high level of personal service, and customize each performance at a professional fee which reflects my experience, knowledge, and passion! The memories of your event will last forever, so why take chances with the success of your celebration? At a lower price it's a hobby; at a premium, it's an art! If you are looking for professionalism, personalized service, and a proven track record - that's what I provide. However, if price is all that is important to you, I may not be the right performer for your event.

  • + Do you operate full or part-time?

    I own a full-time, full service entertainment production company. When I am not working on a job, I am researching ways to improve my performance to be a better resource for you. Part-time companies have other commitments and rarely have time to attend conferences, seminars, and programs to improve their service. I take pride in my performances and have a passion for what I do! Furthermore, I abide by a code of ethics and act as an educator to many people I come in contact with.

  • + Do you supply a FULL backup system with every performance?

    YES! All professional entertainers know the significance of having backup equipment. "The show must go on" no matter what takes place. Having backup equipment demonstrates that I am not willing to take any chances with the success of your event.

  • + Do you carry Liability and Equipment Insurance?

    ABSOLUTELY! Liability insurance protects you and I from unforeseen events that might result in the damage or injury of the facility or any guest in your attendance. Many facilities today require a certificate of insurance before any setup can begin. Equipment insurance protects me from the loss of any equipment I use due to theft, arson, or natural disaster. This ensures you that I will have the necessary gear to perform and successfully complete your event.

  • + Do you belong to any national or local organizations?

    YES! Being members or alumni of groups demonstrate I am committed to education, business ethics, and the latest information from the industry! Currently, I am a graduate of The Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI) with certifications in their Certified Wedding & Event Planning (CWEP) and Certified Green Wedding Planning (CGWP) courses. Along with a member of the WED Guild (Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild) that took me fourteen months of intense work to achieve! In addition, being an alumni of the MarBecca Method MC Workshops - Bronze-Gold level courses, The Entertainment Experience workshop (twice), and the Lighting Symposium design workshop to name a few!

    Presently, I am working on three more certifications in Wedding & Event Design, Corporate Event Planning, and Party Planning! All of this training and development allows me to serve and help my wedding couples, their families, and corporate customers in many different ways/roles!!!

  • + Are you willing to provide references?

    YES! References and testimonials illustrate the success of my events first-hand. What better way to assure you of the success of my events than to contact someone who has used my services! There are several video success stories & numerous written testimonials available for you to view and witness here on the site.

  • + Are you committed to being a resource for your customers?

    YES! The amount of experience and knowledge I have is important to making each and every celebration great! Attending conventions, workshops, and seminars shows initiative to new trends, products, and ideas for an upcoming performance. Reading trade publications demonstrate a willingness to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. A company with years of experience will provide you with references, resources, and relevant information that is useful to the success of your event! Education is an on-going process that allows many companies to prosper and seek new ways of entertaining. I am committed to providing valuable education, high quality performances, and superior service to my clients!

  • + What is your specialty?

    I am passionate & trained specially about weddings and corporate events! This is where my skills & talents are at their peak. To me, there is no better feeling than seeing my customers having a great time, dancing, and enjoying themselves free of worry at their event. To ensure I provide the best service in this specialty, I am constantly developing myself with workshops, seminars, and college-courses that relate to these various disciplines.

  • + How far in advance do you setup for a performance / production?

    Depending on my level of involvement, I have arrived anywhere from 2-10 hours in advance to setup. By doing this, I make sure everything is ready to go before your guests arrive. In addition, early setup eliminates any unforeseen complications that might arise and your catering manager will love the extra time!

  • + How far in advance do you become reserved?

    I don't specify a time to reserve because each customer is different. The longest time I've worked with a wedding customer is 26 months just to give you an idea! For best results, look around to find what is out there and try to find a personality match. Use your "gut" feeling when reserving a performer for your event. When you find someone you like, don't wait to reserve them!

  • + Can you recommend other event professionals?

    YES! I do it all the time! Over the years, I have become friends and networking colleagues with many professionals in the industry like caterers, photographers, and videographers to name a few. As a customer, I am able to "pave the way" with valid information on other professionals to assist in making your experience one to remember forever!

  • + What kind of attire do you commonly wear?

    I wear a suit to most of my events unless otherwise specified because of comfort, breathability, and choice of options with color coordinating with wedding party or corporate colors. By doing this, it eliminates me looking like the staff or members of the wedding party.

  • + Do you offer any sort of performance guarantee?

    YES! I offer a Money-Back Guarantee that simply states if I wasn't worth what you paid at the end of your event, tell me my performance was worth and I will write a check to you for the difference.  Since 1992, I've never had any customer ask for their money back.

  • + Can we see you perform at a live event?

    NO! All of the events that I perform at are private for a reason. Most party hosts prefer not to have strangers showing up during their private event. This type of behavior causes "split-loyalites" between you and who I am performing for. Also, to get a true feel and understanding of what we've spent months creating, you would need to be there the whole night to see all plans taking place! You can sneak a peek at video testimonials captured from customers I've worked with over the years!

  • + What requirements do you need from our venue?

    Typically, the only requirement I have for a facility is a power supply. As long as I have (1) 20 amp circuit on a separate breaker, my needs are met. No tables and/or skirting is needed as I come fully prepared!

  • + Do you request a meal be provided?

    No! I appreciate the offer if given, but am on your time and at your event to perform. It is a very nice gesture, but not necessary. You are reserving me to perform, not be eating.

Give Brian a call now @ (877) 251-2328 to setup a planning session and explore all the possibilities for your wedding experience!

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