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Wedding Truth #7 to save you from the ordinary: “The more emotional your special day...”

February 14, 2021
By Brian Kelm

(Video -

What does a wedding experience filled with emotion, feelings, and love look like to you?

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Wedding Truth #36 to save you from the ordinary: “Feelings are present or not.”

January 26, 2021
By Brian Kelm

(Video -

How important is it for your emotions and feelings to be created in your experience?

Best of Wedding Truths V2 #10 - “Deep connection goes a long way.”

January 15, 2021
By Brian Kelm

(Video -

Deep wedding connections are priceless! The more emotion, love, and togetherness created on your wedding day the better! Create your wedding experience together collaboratively!!

Wedding Truth #85 to save you from the ordinary!: "Where the magic happens - chemistry, trust, and commitment!"

November 20, 2020
By Brian Kelm

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