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  • Guests - Mon. January 17th
    "If co-workers are not invited to your festivities cause of a tight guest count, be honest about the reason and mov [ ... ]
  • Family - Thurs. January 13th
    "Making your future in-laws a part of all your nuptial events is a fantastic idea.  Let them decide whether or [ ... ]
  • Memorable trap experience! - Mon. August 30th
    "If you are a sportsman and love to hunt, choose to make shooting trap a part of your festivities!" - Brian Ke [ ... ]
  • Combine or separate parties - Thurs. August 11th
    "Combine or do separate events and meet up as a group for the last couple hours." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Eco-friendly (Green) - Thurs. July 12th
    "Choose a local adventure together - miniature golf, scuba diving trip, bowling party or horseback riding!" - [ ... ]
  • "Successful band collaboration!" - Fri. October 17th
    "Do you want a favorite to perform during your reception? If they do their own material, limit to three upbeat song [ ... ]
  • Self-sufficient shines!" - Mon. December 27th
    "Limit the use of a makeup artist by having all your bridesmaids apply their own foundation, blush, and save." [ ... ]
  • Let your hair journey begin! - Fri. December 17th
    "Start your hairstyle journey six months before you walk down the aisle.  Take a few notes with your personal [ ... ]
  • Touch it up! Wed. December 15th
    "Think one month prior to your big day for touching up your hair highlights." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Pull out all the stops! - Fri. December 10th
    "Think one month prior to your big day for touching up your hair highlights." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Picture perfect! - Tues. December 7th
    "Use a tissue to clean up any left over lipstick or consider trying a lip pencil instead." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Up for a hair adventure? - Tues. November 16th
    "Do something different with your hair.  If you normally wear it up, go with it down. Try curls - soft or larg [ ... ]
  • Hairstyle - Thurs. October 13th
    "Chat with your hairstylist months in advance to create your wedding day look & the necessary time to make it h [ ... ]
  • Powder me gorgeous! - Mon. October 11th
    "Remove the 'greasy' look that may appear under your eyes, nose & chin with a translucent powder." [ ... ]
  • Don't fight a good pampering! - Mon. September 27th
    "Pamper yourself by relaxing your muscles and pulling impurities from skin with a mud therapy session." - Bria [ ... ]
  • Double-duty do! - Wed. September 22nd
    "Can't decide on a hairstyle for your big day?  Have them all-up, down or halfway.  Switching styles [ ... ]
  • Flowers - Wed. September 19th
    "REAL flowers in hair.  Nothing says natural like it!  Honor the season, highlight them, and create match [ ... ]
  • Temporary artwork shade! - Thurs. September 9th
    "A serious concealer from Dermablend or Covermark is needed to shield a tattoo. Apply as many layers as needed to h [ ... ]
  • Ice it! - Tues. September 7th
    "Got a pimple to get rid of before your nuptials?  Reduce swelling by placing ice on it.  Use the power o [ ... ]
  • Go for consistency! - Tues. August 17th
    "Create your own nail style by polishing them in a color shade close to your skin tone." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Tricks for your lips! - Mon. August 16th
    "Keep lipstick from rubbing off on your teeth by applying a little vaseline to them." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Flowers & Headband - Wed. August 8th
    "Add flowers to a single headband or comb for a gorgeous enhancement!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Bold is better! - Wed. July 7th
    "Go bold with the color of your lipstick for a modern look and keep everything else subtle." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Beauty - Wed. June 1st
    "Ask your salon for complimentary materials and tips so your hair withstands windy and rainy weather!" - Brian [ ... ]
  • Hair mockup - Thurs. May 16th
    "If you are looking to create a special hairstyle, it's best to do a hair mockup before wedding day!  Many [ ... ]
  • Hairstyle - Tues. March 8th
    "Create the look of great curves with the use of a large-barreled curling iron." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Philanthropy - Mon. February 25th
    "Leaning towards a new special day look?  Choose to donate your old air to Wigs for Kids (wigsforkids.org) or [ ... ]
  • Hair - Fri. January 21st
    "Crank up your hairstyle look with a simple hairpin, classic headband or a live flower." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Beauty - Thurs. January 20th
    "Before applying any makeup, face a window where natural light is at its best for the truest look of all." - B [ ... ]
  • Hair - Tues. January 18th
    "Hair not cooperating with you?  Try a smooth satin pillow case instead of the norm and see how it works." [ ... ]
  • Buy more local - Tues. December 10th
    "Extend buying local for your reception not only to your beer and food, but also to your wine and soda as well!&quo [ ... ]
  • A specialized chalice! (Signature Drink) - Thurs. November 15th
    "Your chose concoction deserves a unique container to be served in - like a jar!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Our signature is limited! (Signature Drink) - Thurs. August 2nd
    "If you are considering a custom concoction for your reception, limit to cocktail hour only or after a certain quan [ ... ]
  • We have reserves! (Bar) - Tues. July 24th
    "If you have a stationary bar and a mobile one to place wherever, knowing whether or not they both stock the same t [ ... ]
  • "Coffee station convenience!" - Mon. May 19th
    "Setup a station that includes different flavors of joe, teas, and hot water.  Along with other seasonal bever [ ... ]
  • Better to ask than not know! (Venue food) - Wed. May 9th
    "Find out what percentage of food is made over your guest count so everybody is well cared for!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Mmmm...cupcakes! (Late night snacks) - Tues. March 6th
    "Create the Packer 'G' (insert favorite sports team) out of individual cupcakes for a memory and photo nobo [ ... ]
  • Bring a new taste home! - Fri. February 24th
    "Have wine, beer or any local food specialty like crawfish out on display back home for all to try during your cock [ ... ]
  • Nothing replaces family! (Hors d'oeuvres) - Mon. February 20th
    "Implement a family recipe of goodies for guests to try as part of your cocktail hour." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Wed must dance all night (Beverages & dance floor) - Thurs. February 16th
    "Opt for plastic glasses or canned beer as when glass breaks it causes a major disruption on your dance floor." [ ... ]
  • Annual food & beverage cost review - Fri. January 24th
    "At the top of every year is when most venues evaluate their menu and costs.  So if you do a food tasting, lic [ ... ]
  • Spreading the spirits! (Popularity & placement: self-serve) - Mon. January 7th
    "If you have multiple taps that are mobile and a good portion of your guests drink beer, space them out - one in th [ ... ]
  • "Breathable is better!" - Tues. December 24th
    "If you are choosing a dark color for your bridesmaid dresses, opt for chiffon as it's a more breathable fabric [ ... ]
  • "Mix & match 'em!" - Wed. December 22nd
    "Mix up the dress styles for you & your bridesmaids.  Lots of variety exists with strapless, one-shou [ ... ]
  • "Your trusted ladies!" - Thurs. December 2nd
    "Have no more than your mother & a close friend or Maid/Matron of Honor go with your dress shopping.  Too [ ... ]
  • Bridal Dress - Fri. November 25th
    "Use any extra fabric from alterations to create your Groom's tie, vest or hairpiece for yourself." - Bria [ ... ]
  • "A sparkly distinction!" - Tues. November 18th
    "Add a sparkly belt to differentiate your Maid of Honor from the rest of your ladies." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Bridal Dress & Bouquet - Tues. November 15th
    "Use hem trimmings for the base handle of your bouquet." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Free to choose!" - Thurs. November 14th
    "Pick a designer, color, length, and material for your bridesmaid dresses. Let your ladies create from there!" [ ... ]
  • "One or the other!" - Fri. November 12th
    "Think elaborate dress or veil & not both.  Heavy beading or lots of detail on your dress and a simple vei [ ... ]
  • "We have a match!" - Thurs. November 11th
    "Make shopping for shoes & accessories easier on yourself by asking for a fabric swatch of your dress.&quo [ ... ]
  • "Perfect combo!" - Tues. November 9th
    "A strapless gown allows you the perfect opportunity to wear your hair down.  Try a beautiful looking pin to m [ ... ]
  • "Matching attire mastery!" - Wed. November 3rd
    "Keep your dress a mystery from your future hubby & still coordinate his attire by matching a tie to your [ ... ]
  • Bridesmaid Dresses - Wed. November 2nd
    "Have your Maid/Matron of Honor wear a full dress and bridesmaids wear short dresses for a subtle yet noticeable di [ ... ]
  • "Cozy & comfy dress fun!" - Tues. October 26th
    "When you go dress shopping, wear comfortable clothes & nice wears underneath as you will be in them all d [ ... ]
  • "Less is more!" - Fri. October 25th
    "Before you start looking for your dress, keep in mind selection for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers.&n [ ... ]
  • "Focus on your wears!" - Mon. October 25th
    "Keep all the focus on your face & dress not your nails.  Paint them in a pale color and well maintai [ ... ]
  • Bridesmaid Dresses - Wed. October 19th
    "Allow your ladies as much freedom as possible with their choice & only requirements are - exact color or in va [ ... ]
  • "Freedom to choose!" - Mon. October 18th
    "Let your bridesmaids have lots of freedom with their dress choices.  Give them the swatch color, length, type [ ... ]
  • Your Dress - Mon. October 17th
    "Expect alterations to be made on your gown as most are not made-to-measure." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Bring your fashion sense to life!" - Thurs. August 5th
    "Consider working with a designer & shop that will offer an illustration of your dress and how it will loo [ ... ]
  • "Be consumed by the possibilities!" - Fri. July 30th
    "Make sure to check out Coco Myles online before making your dress purchase.  Lots of colors, styles &&nbs [ ... ]
  • "Complimenting your hubby's attire!" - Wed. July 21st
    "Use material from your dress to create your new hubby's tie & handkerchiefs for the groomsmen." [ ... ]
  • "Initials for a lifetime!" - Thurs. July 1st
    "Have your 'new' initials and date embroidered inside your dress.  For your husband, if he owns his su [ ... ]
  • "Free reign to beautiful!" (Eco-friendly) - Mon. June 25th
    "Let your bridesmaids wear a dress they already own or encourage them to buy one that has already been worn." [ ... ]
  • "Extend your dollar's value!" (Eco-friendly) - Fri. June 1st
    "If you are going to buy a NEW dress, find a designer who donates a portion of their profits to charity (i.e. Bride [ ... ]
  • "Colorful style!" (Eco-friendly) - Wed. May 30th
    "Ask your Ladies to wear dresses they already own based on your palette colors & what they look best in!" [ ... ]
  • "Somethings are not worth it!" - Mon. February 18th
    "If considering a pre-worn gown, make sure it isn't badly stained.  It may be impossible to remove the sta [ ... ]
  • "Magical pocket silks!" - Sun. February 15th
    "Match your pocket silks exactly to bridesmaid dress color by taking extra fabric and having it transformed!" [ ... ]
  • "Fashion fun!" - Mon. February 11th
    "Use a pattern from your dress or fabric theme and have it present for each attendant in their own way - shawls, sc [ ... ]
  • "Looking past wedding day bliss!" - Wed. February 6th
    "Think ahead of your gown to wear it again & again - works well with non-white dresses!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Dress - Wed. January 5th
    "How you will look in your dress is important.  Don't overlook how comfortable you will be and feel.  [ ... ]
  • "Honored guests hospitality!" - Tues. December 3rd
    "As a courtesy to all your honored guests - grandparents, parents, and wedding party, offer them an open bar tab du [ ... ]
  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer - Mon. October 10th
    "Tradition says to have these two cuties involved yet are less prevalent today than in years past." - Brian Ke [ ... ]
  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer - Wed. June 30th
    "Have him/her make announcement about where you go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to s [ ... ]
  • "The more the merrier!" - Tues. February 10th
    "Surprise all your bridesmaids with their very own matching garters!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Bridesmaids - Mon. January 10th
    "The only thing bridesmaids should be obligated to pay for regarding your day is their attire.  Anything else [ ... ]
  • Bridesmaids - Fri. January 7th
    "Stick with tradition by having your bridesmaids dressed in either white or ivory with different styles." - Br [ ... ]
  • "Do it for them!" - Thurs. July 19th
    "Instead of bridal shower gifts, have guests donate to a specific cause in your honor." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Question #5 - Fri. February 11th
    "After the show(s) are over, what is your action plan?" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Question #4 - Thurs. February 10th
    "Who are (2) people (no more) that you want to take with you?" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Question #3 - Wed. February 9th
    "What professionals will you be looking to partner with at the show(s)?" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Question #2 - Tues. February 8th
    "What are you looking to accomplish at the show(s)?" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Question #1 - Mon. February 7th
    "Determine what show(s) you want to go to & why?" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "One for you, you & you!" - Wed. July 11th
    "Make your garter toss more involving with one for each groomsman to throw with you and have more winners!" - [ ... ]
  • "Victory!" - Fri. June 29th
    "For every small bouquet that flies through the air, attach drink tickets to each!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Bouquets-r-us!" - Fri. June 15th
    "As a couple, throw your individual bouquets at the same time made up of your favorites like candy or plush footbal [ ... ]
  • "An exotic twist!" - Tues. June 12th
    "Share a splash of the unexpected and more exotic items like a peacock feather or carved tin lantern in place of bo [ ... ]
  • "Out-of-town superstars!" - Tues. March 17th
    “After you cut and share your first piece of cake as husband and wife, have your longest traveled guests come forw [ ... ]
  • "I see you!" - Wed. November 14th
    "Having shorter centerpieces will allow guests to mingle and chat without haltering their view and/or conversations [ ... ]
  • Centerpieces - Fri. October 28th
    "Bring an element of your proposal to the centerpieces on each dinner table." - Brian Kelm     [ ... ]
  • "Let's team up!" - Thurs. September 30th
    "Choose DIY centerpieces and fill them with your personalities by hitting up thrift stores, yard sales, and friends [ ... ]
  • "Paper and can creativity!" - Fri. September 3rd
    "Chose DIY centerpieces and fill them with your personalities by hitting up thrift stores, yard sales, and friends [ ... ]
  • "Non-flower goodies...front and center!" - Thurs. September 2nd
    "Instead of flowers, try on a gift basket centerpiece for each table filled with sample goodies like lotions, candl [ ... ]
  • Centerpieces - Wed. August 31st
    "Have bowling pins as your focal point for each dinner table." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Homemade from the Earth!" - Thurs. July 29th
    "Replace your floral centerpieces with natural elements of our world - fruits and vegetables." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Sensitive weather treatment!" - Mon. July 19th
    "For cool weather centerpieces, use mums and dahlias. Enhance them by adding bittersweet berries or branches wrappe [ ... ]
  • "Floral fine-tuning!" - Fri. July 16th
    "Replace blooms as your centerpieces with a candlescape on a mirror in the middle of each table." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Guest seating efficiency!" - Mon. July 12th
    "Save on centerpieces by putting 11-12 guests at each table vs 8-10 for example." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Simple floral centerpiece!" - Wed. May 25th
    "Want a simple floral centerpiece?  Choose one type of flower for each table with a bloom in a variety of cont [ ... ]
  • "Three vase look!" - Mon. May 2nd
    "Three vases filled with colorful candy and a pink rose at the center of each table is fun, simple & playful.&q [ ... ]
  • "Statues and books!" - Mon. March 28th
    "Do away with traditional floral centerpieces for statues and books you desire." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Carving it up!" (Fall Theme) - Tues. February 28th
    "For a Fall theme, choose pieces of wood with the personal name you chose for each dinner table." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "On way to the altar!" - Tues. December 28th
    "During your ceremony, interact with close friends & relatives by having them each hand you a flower on yo [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Thurs. December 22nd
    "Have your ushers ask guests to turn off cell phones to not interfere with wireless microphone communication as the [ ... ]
  • "Create a bride's double entrance!" - Thurs. December 19th
    "If you have two important people in your life and want them both to walk you down the aisle, break up the distance [ ... ]
  • "For a rural rustic feel..." - Wed. December 19th
    "Take an old desk or table and repurpose it for your ceremony or use during your reception." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Recessional self-expression!" - Mon. December 19th
    "For your recessional, have your first song as husband & wife be a true self-expression - fun, witty & from [ ... ]
  • "Tell us and we will follow!" - Tues. December 16th
    “Have your officiant say what there is to do next if a little time exists in between the reception starting." [ ... ]
  • "A glimpse of your start!" - Thurs. December 15th
    "Have your officiant share with your audience when you started dating and what it looked like!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Your first kiss!" - Mon. December 12th
    "Have it take place where your first kiss was." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "A sparkling recessional!" - Tues. December 11th
    "Have your wedding party hand out sparklers (not lit yet) in the lobby for an amazing nuptial send-off!" - Bri [ ... ]
  • "Tiny details stand out!" - Fri. December 7th
    "If you have a stage, groom walks down the aisle to meet you (bride) and your father on the ground floor.  The [ ... ]
  • "Honoring loved ones" - Wed. December 7th
    "Have a personal assistant or another person walk down the aisle with a bouquet for someone close to you (like a pa [ ... ]
  • "Flats rule!" - Thurs. November 29th
    "Think flats so heels don't sink into the lawn." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "1-2 punch!" - Thurs. November 22nd
    "Rent an indoor space in addition to your outdoor site so no matter the weather your nuptials are covered." - [ ... ]
  • "Include your officiant!" - Mon. November 21st
    "Do not forget a floral for your officiant unless they are not allowed to wear one." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Sands Ceremony blend!" - Fri. November 18th
    "Have your officiant involved in the sands ceremony with a specific color to blend." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Written and singing magic!" - Fri. November 9th
    "Have close friends read poems or sing an original song!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "NEW rose petal name!" - Wed. November 5th
    "Use your rose petals down the aisle to spell out your NEW last name!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Wedding party dance moves!" - Tues. November 1st
    "Start the festivities early by having your wedding party share a dance move or two as they walk down the aisle aft [ ... ]
  • "Smaller wedding party processional!" - Thurs. October 27th
    "With a smaller bridal party, each couple walks completely down the aisle before the next one comes down." - B [ ... ]
  • "Yes...were newlyweds!" - Thurs. October 7th
    "Make your ceremony more intimate by facing the audience when exchanging your vows!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Spotlighted from the beginning!" - Tues. September 28th
    "Consider walking down the aisle together with your soon-to-be husband so he can get some time to shine too." [ ... ]
  • "Pumpkins...let's do this!" - Tues. September 21st
    "Carve out pumpkins as part of your Autumn/Fall rehearsal dinner & display what everybody came up with on [ ... ]
  • "Unexpected aisle elements!" - Mon. September 20th
    "Consider having seashells, drift wood, rocks, tropical flowers or coconuts line your ceremony aisle." - Brian [ ... ]
  • "Keepsakes that stick with guests!" - Thurs. September 19th
    "Dress up your ceremony programs with quote engraved medallions which guests could use later as Christmas ornaments [ ... ]
  • Flower girl K-9!" - Fri. September 17th
    "Have you beautiful dog or doggies be your flower girl(s)!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Out of sight with BFF!" - Fri. September 16th
    "Bride stays put out of sight with her maid/matron of honor until the time comes!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Keep sunset in check!" - Wed. September 15th
    "Planning a beach ceremony?  If so, the ideal time is late afternoon almost 1 1/2 - 2 hours before sunset.&quo [ ... ]
  • "Be in the know!" - Fri. September 14th
    "Have a person's number (personal assistant?) for all guests to call and find out any updated information.  [ ... ]
  • "Food colorup!" - Tues. September 14th
    "Bring your color palette to even the choices you make for food," - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "It's show time!" - Mon. September 12th
    "Have ushers close doors to room where your service is taking place so no noise comes in from outside." - Bria [ ... ]
  • "Flower ball beauty!" - Fri. September 10th
    "Instead of having aisle liner items on the ground, choose flower balls hanging from every other center-aisle chair [ ... ]
  • "Your best man presents!" - Fri. September 9th
    "At the end of your service, have your best man step out in front of aisle and present you as husband & wife.&q [ ... ]
  • "A special escort!' - Fri. September 7th
    "Instead of having your husband walk down the aisle with the officiant or groomsmen, have him escort the mothers to [ ... ]
  • "Wireless freedom!" - Wed. September 7th
    "Have your officiant announce for guests to turn off wireless devices so they don't interfere with the wireless [ ... ]
  • "Ridin' to I Do!" - Wed. September 1st
    "Do you have bicycles & love to ride?  If so, make them apart of your ceremony by either walking next [ ... ]
  • "Mom matters dearly!" - Tues. August 30th
    "From the altar, walk down the aisle to escort your mother to her seat." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Look no further..." - Thurs. August 25th
    "Look no further than to your brothers or sisters to give a reading during your service." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Need to be heard!" - Wed. August 25th
    "Request a separate wired or wireless handheld (on a stand) / lavalier microphone so your vows are heard by guests [ ... ]
  • "In the family!" - Mon. August 22nd
    "Have your uncle or grandfather officiate your service." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Cool treats!" - Mon. August 20th
    "To cool your guests down, serve yummy ice cream while they are being seated for your service!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Balanced seating" - Thurs. August 18th
    "Besides your immediate family, leave seating open for guests to fill evenly." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Children...yes please!" - Wed. August 18th
    "If you have a child or children, involve them in your mixing of sands ceremony with a vase of colored sand to blen [ ... ]
  • "Here you come!" - Fri. August 17th
    "Guests can stay seated while you make your grand entrance!  No mention or motion is made by your officiant an [ ... ]
  • "Son or daughter entrance!" - Tues. August 16th
    "If you have a son or daughter, see if they want to walk you down the aisle & hand you off." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Using your space effectively!" - Tues. July 31st
    "Use the space to your advantage if a center aisle doesn't exist; have your attendants enter to the left side o [ ... ]
  • "United as one!" - Fri. July 27th
    "Consider having a Unity Cross (unitycross.com) a part of your service.  Then, have it on display at your head [ ... ]
  • "Create the opportunity to unite everyone!" - Tues. July 26th
    "Create the opportunity for your photographer to capture an image or two of you with all of your guests right after [ ... ]
  • "Time and places before" - Fri. July 15th
    "If you choose to not see each other before your service, will there be bridesmaids & groomsmen photos beforeha [ ... ]
  • "A splash of family everywhere!" - Tues. July 15th
    "Choose to have one usher from each of your families to make them feel special and deepen the sense of togetherness [ ... ]
  • Ceremony & Groom - Tues. July 12th
    "Decide whether you want to walk down the aisle with your Parents or wait wil the Officiant up at the altar smiling [ ... ]
  • "Preserving your family history!" - Wed. July 4th
    "Consider wearing your Mother or grandmother's dress to the 'night before your big day' festivities!&qu [ ... ]
  • Ceremony & Officiant - Fri. July 1st
    "Have him/her make announcement about where to go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to se [ ... ]
  • Ceremony & Officiant - Fri. July 1st
    "Have him/her make announcement about where to go now after your service concludes - register at hotel, sites to se [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Thurs. June 23rd
    "If an aisle runner, leaves or petals are not allowed, attach small floral arrangements to the chairs closest to th [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Tues. June 21st
    "Have your officiant mention at the beginning of your service for guests to turn off all devices so no issues take [ ... ]
  • Ceremony & Reception - Mon. June 6th
    "Take an event from your service & bring back or expand upon during your Reception." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Coloring your I Do's!" (Eco-friendly: Green) - Mon. June 4th
    "At the end of your Recesional, have all guests throw ecofetti in two lines creating a tunnel for you to run throug [ ... ]
  • Rehearsal Dinner - Fri. June 3rd
    "Go low-key with your menu & have a variety of tasty shishkabobs." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Playing in nature!" (Outdoors: Bugs, sun & dehydration) - Wed. May 29th
    "Bottles of water, bug repellent wipes, sunscreen, and paper parasols are essential for having nuptials hosted outd [ ... ]
  • "Nothing like bagpipes!" - Fri. May 25th
    "If you are of Irish decent or love bagpipes, have them playing outside as guests depart your Ceremony for a classy [ ... ]
  • "Where we came from!" - Fri. May 24th
    "Combine sand from where you grew up (same location) with where you met." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Singles & couples!" (Attendant order) - Tues. May 21st
    "For your processional, come down the aisle as singles, go out for recessional as couples!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Wed. May 18th
    "For your recessional, have your wedding party line up across from each other for guests to interact with while wal [ ... ]
  • "A taste of history!" - Tues. May 14th
    "Not a fan of the candle lighting or mixing of sands ceremonies? If so, take a piece of history about marriage or r [ ... ]
  • "Smiles...before & after!" - Thurs. May 10th
    "Have your bridal party come down individually for the processional and leave with their associated attendant for t [ ... ]
  • "Mixing of Sands magic!" - Mon. May 9th
    "Mixing of Sands - have each of your three vases initialed with the letter of our first names and that of your last [ ... ]
  • "Then & now!" - Mon. May 7th
    "Unity Candle centerpiece - used at the church & set on the Head table for decoration at your reception." [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Thurs. May 5th
    "Add a deeper sense of personality & surprise by having your Best Man pronounce you husband and wife!" - B [ ... ]
  • "Romance, love, and comfort!" (Rehearsal evening: Outdoor movie night) - Fri. May 3rd
    "In a park equipped with family & friends munching on popcorn with blankets watching your love story projected [ ... ]
  • "Do we or not?" - Mon. April 30th
    "A huge decision to make regarding your nuptials is whether or not you see each other before your service.  Th [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Fri. April 29th
    "Have programs on seats for guests waiting instead of having Ushers handing them out.  This allows them to foc [ ... ]
  • "Fly away in peace!" (Dove release) - Mon. April 29th
    "You can choose to release one, several or a whole flock of doves in beautiful cages adding to your decor." - [ ... ]
  • "Precious time alone!" (Post-ceremony) - Thurs. April 25th
    "Take a few moments away on a solo ride alone to enjoy some champagne together as newlyweds." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Mon. April 25th
    "Instead of two guys as your Ushers, spice it up with one of your closest lady friends/family members!" - Bria [ ... ]
  • "Everybody loves a little teaser!" - Mon. April 23rd
    "Have little signs placed along the path to your service with playful short phrases or tidbits meant to get a laugh [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Tues. April 19th
    "If you have readings given by family members from both sides, align them to one side prior to your service or have [ ... ]
  • "Cool me off!" - Wed. April 18th
    "Create your program as a fan especially for a Summer outdoor Wedding!  In addition, attach a little baggie or [ ... ]
  • "A Wisconsin tradition!" (Rehearsal dinner - Wisconsin fish fry) - Wed. April 17th
    "Create and share a local favorite with your bridal party, parents, and family members!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Spelled out in petals!" (Aisle flowers) - Tues. April 16th
    "Create an assortment of rose petals down your aisle spelling out your NEW last name!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Let's see you move!" (Processional: Attendants entrance) - Wed. April 10th
    "Each bridesmaid and groomsman you choose gets their own aisle music!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Mom power!" - Fri. March 30th
    "Mix up tradition & create a truly unique experience by having your mother's walk in together for the proce [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Wed. March 30th
    "Have your ceremony take place in a round space for more intimacy & closeness to guests." - Brian Kel [ ... ]
  • "A mini wedding creation!" (Rehearsal dinner: special day mini-version) - Fri. March 29th
    "Treat this experience like a mini-wedding reception with a completely different feel!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Summer sunshine nuptials!" (Outdoors & Planning) - Wed. March 28th
    "Besides weather to consider, take a peak at the time of your service in the given month & where the sun will b [ ... ]
  • "Enhancing your entrance!" - Tues. March 26th
    "Have a craftsman close to the family, make a set of white doors for you to walk through!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Fri. March 18th
    "Have all your guests line-up across from each other in a long row with a candle in hand to welcome the wedding par [ ... ]
  • "Let 'em fly!" - Wed. March 14th
    "Have all guests toss rose petals up in the air as you walk down the aisle as husband & wife!" - Brian Kel [ ... ]
  • Rehearsal Dinner - Mon. March 14th
    "Place a cold washcloth to reduce puffiness of your eyes & apply face primer if you have too much fun at y [ ... ]
  • "Ridin' in style!" (Miniature Bride & Groom) - Thurs. March 8th
    "Surprise everyone as your smaller & younger versions enter in on small bikes!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Mon. March 7th
    "Have a group of people play handbells for your Ceremony Recessional." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Surprise Rehearsal Dinner - Fri. March 4th
    "Surprise rehearsal dinners are gaining momentum.  Enjoy every moment of the experience and acknowledge those [ ... ]
  • "Painting your aisle with color!" - Wed. March 4th
    “Line both sides of your aisle with a certain color petals.  Choose another color of petals to distinguish yo [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Tues. February 22nd
    "Surprise your Father by walking down the aisle to his favorite song!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Ceremony - Thurs. February 17th
    "Walk down the aisle with your Father to a song that has special meaning from your childhood!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Joining in from both sides!" (Processional - No center aisle) - Fri. February 15th
    "Come down as couples, smile at center, and then go left to stage - stand as couples together instead of bridesmaid [ ... ]
  • "Picture perfect!" (Ceremony & Reception) - Wed. February 15th
    "Integrate portraits of when your parents married for all guests to see at the altar of your ceremony & near th [ ... ]
  • 2 entrances, 1 magical ceremony - Bride's ceremony entrance - Tues. February 11th
    "Walk in by yourself and then meet your parents at some point.  Then, walk the rest of the way with them by yo [ ... ]
  • "Keep 'em guessing!" - Wed. February 8th
    "If the space and opportunity presents itself, you (as the Bride) enter from a direction not thought of by your aud [ ... ]
  • "Keep seating simple!" - Mon. February 6th
    "Limit assigned seating to parents and immediate family then leave the rest open to all your guests." - Brian [ ... ]
  • "Sing to us!" - Mon. February 4th
    "Provide song sheets for guests to sing to you during your service!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "To see or not to see?" - Tues. January 31st
    "Will you be seeing each other before your service?  If not, decide on where each of you & your Wedding pa [ ... ]
  • Keep 'em guessing! - Mon. January 27th
    "For a fun & unique processional with a large bridal party, change up the order by having half of your ladies e [ ... ]
  • "Show off the nature in you!" (Outdoors) - Thurs. January 26th
    "instead of Lighting a Unity Candle or Mixing of Sands, consider watering a tree together for a personal feel & [ ... ]
  • "Kickball for everyone!" (Rehearsal Dinner - kickball and grilling out) - Fri. January 25th
    "Bring a laid-back, chill, and relaxing feel to the night before with an old fashion game of kickball and some yumm [ ... ]
  • "Stars are spotlighted!" (Outdoors) - Mon. January 23rd
    "Have a little platform setup at the altar for you as a couple and your officiant." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Nothing beats organization!" (Outdoors) - Thurs. January 19th
    "Have a sign made up directing guests to the space where you will say 'I Do' and become a married couple!!! [ ... ]
  • "That's all us!" (Recessional) - Wed. January 16th
    "Have fun with this experience as you turn and face your audience.  Guests smile, add a surprise or two, and d [ ... ]
  • "Let your love's artistry shine!" (Theater / performing arts center) - Fri. January 4th
    "Your wedding is a piece of artistry.  let that be undeniable with your ceremony in a theater or performing ar [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity - Fri. December 30th
    "Do not make the mistake of overlooking the significance and purpose of having fun things for your guests to do pri [ ... ]
  • "Musically remastered beauties!" - Tues. December 21st
    "Add a little twist & fresh sound to your Cocktail & Dinner hour selections by going with classic [ ... ]
  • "Quilting together!" - Wed. December 12th
    "Have guests sign or leave a personal message to you on a quilting square that will in-turn be made into a quilt!&q [ ... ]
  • "Typing a memorable smile!" (Well wishes) - Tues. November 20th
    "Encourage your guests to share memories by placing a vintage typewriter on your welcome table." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Guest warmup!" - Thurs. November 18th
    "Plan on having some sort of ice breaker activity to connect guests during your cocktail hour." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Sample away!" - Fri. November 16th
    "Have the varieties of cheese or other goodies that guests get to choose from labeled for easy sampling." - Br [ ... ]
  • "I Love You because..." - Tues. November 11th
    “Create ‘I Love You because…' cards as a way for guests to interact with and share a heartfelt me [ ... ]
  • "Coloring our world!" (Caricatures) - Tues. October 16th
    "Display all your audience's colorings of you on a board or backdrop for all to see!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "A little snack for all!" (Hors d'oeuvres) - Wed. September 26th
    "A good number to run with for each guest is (3) servings for a standard cocktail hour.  The objective is to r [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity - Tues. September 20th
    "Have a blank journal book passed around for guests to interact with by writing their fondest memory of you - toget [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity - Tues. September 13th
    "Have sheets of random facts about you as bride & groom handed out for guests to matchup .  Person with mo [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity prizes - Thurs. September 8th
    "Have small prizes like cool cups, bouncy balls & glow sticks for kids participating in bean bag toss fun!" [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity - Thurs. September 1st
    "Bring in a juggler and/or magician to enhance guest interaction." - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity - Wed. August 24th
    "If your venue offers bowling, bocce or any type of gaming, make this your fun & enjoyment before dinner!" [ ... ]
  • "Let your goodies go further!" (Hors d'oeuvres) - Thurs. August 9th
    "Butlered appetizers last longer as they are not self-serve and brings a sense of class to the experience!" - [ ... ]
  • "Activity Stations!" - Tues. August 9th
    "To keep movement, interest, and the fun flowing for guests - setup different activity stations - scrapbooking, gam [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity (Adults) - Fri. July 29th
    "Mention novel, interesting or thought-provoking things about guests in audience to consider while chatting & i [ ... ]
  • Cocktail Hour Activity (Children) - Wed. July 27th
    "Keep the little ones occupied by having a space for bean bags, putting green, and play a round or two of musical c [ ... ]
  • "Your musical twist!" (Cocktail Hour & Dinner) - Wed. July 25th
    "Consider having a custom blend of musical selections specific to Cocktail Hour & an entirely new feel & mo [ ... ]
  • "It's your turn!" - Tues. July 10th
    "For anything involving guests participation, have someone attending to it for maximum impact!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Simple & sweet!" - Wed. June 13th
    "To keep guests occupied until you arrive, can be as simple as sharing a slideshow of images or video playing with [ ... ]
  • "Create a family quilt!" - Thurs. March 26th
    “Have each of your guests bring a favorite fabric square to your reception. These squares will then be made into a [ ... ]
  • Color scheme inspiration! - Tues. January 21st
    "If you are open to choosing your wedding colors, use your reception venue for inspiration with its design, beauty, [ ... ]
  • "Gourmet cookie fun!" - Tues. December 2nd
    “Have fun pairing gourmet cookies with exotic ice cream flavors for your wedding dessert!" - Brian Kelm [ ... ]
  • "Distinguishing your guests!" - Tues. December 23rd
    "Create a dinner table distinction among your honored and general guests by the shape of table for them or reverse [ ... ]